Maulana Ilyas

Maulana Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhalawi bin Maulana Muhammad was born in Kandla, Muzhaffar Nagar, UP, India in 1886.

Maulana Ilyas completed memorizing the Qur’an under his father’s supervision in Nizamuddin area, Delhi. Thereafter, he studied the elementary books of Arabic and Persian language mostly under his father. Later on, he lived and studied under Rashid Ahmad Gangohi. In 1905, Rashid Ahmad Gangohi died, when Muhammad Ilyas was 20. In 1908, Muhammad Ilyas enrolled in Darul Uloom Deoband.

Maulana Ilyas’ invaluable anecdotes

  • My status should not be considered any higher than any ordinary Momin (believer). Acting solely on my words is a deviation from Deen. Whatever, I say should be verified in the light of the Quran &Sunnah, and think over it yourself and then act, I am only here to suggest you.
  • All your Tablighi activities (regional efforts and moving out in the path of Allah) and efforts will be in vain if they are not performed completely in conjunction with knowledge (Ilm) of Deen and Allah’s zikr (Allah’s remembrance). In fact, it is very dangerous and there is a strong concern that if these two things are neglected then these efforts (of Dawat &Tabligh) might become a Fitna (trial) and can open the doors of deviation from the right path.
  • Unless your nights become like the nights of the Sahabah (Companions of Prophet (PBUH)) (offering Tahajjud salah and seeking repentance from your Lord) your daytime efforts will not attain the desired benefits (goals).
  • To follow someone blindly, so that his personality becomes a substitute for the personality of the Prophet and his word becomes a substitute for Allah’s words, according to me is atheism.
  • In this effort of Dawat and Tabligh making mistakes (neglecting the basic principles of Tabligh) will prove disastrous to this movement in a very short span of time.
  • Do the work of Tabligh with morality, mannerism, ethics, and kindness. Do not say things in a commanding tone but rather suggest things.