Maulana Muzaffar Hussain

Maulana Muzaffar Hussain was the nephew of Mufti Ilahi Baksh Kandhalwi. He was the favourite pupil of Shah Muhamad Ishaq Dehlavi. He was also the deputy of Shah Mohammad Yaqub. He had also been favoured with the company of Syed Ahmad Shaheed who was a very pious and godly person. He never touched anything that was of doubtful purity in the eyes of the Sharia. Incidents of his humility and prayerfulness are still fresh in the memory of the people of the areas of Kandhla and serve as a reminder of the glorious days of the earliest decades of Islam.

One of his daughters is Amtus Salam, who was the grandmother of Maulana Ilyas.

His maternal granddaughter was married to Maulana Mohammad Ismail (Maulana Ilyas’ Father). It was Maulana Mohammad Ismail’s second marriage which was solemnised on October 30, 1868.

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