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Who are we?

This website is our own project and initiative. We do NOT represent any Elders / Shura of Tablighi Jamaat. They have never directly or indirectly asked us to prepare this website.

We are however active members of Tablighi Jamaat and are up-to-date with the movement. Our team are made up of members from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia).

Our aim is to support the preservation of the true doctrine (Manhaj) and the history of Tabligh. We only collect authentic sources and testimonies (See: Our Authentic Sources). As most Tablighi Jamaat resources are in Urdu, we endure to write in English.

We do not receive any donations or credit for what we do. We leave all rewards to Allah SWT.

For any concerns, you may contact us at admin@tablighi-jamaat.com

Important Disclaimer

Tablighi Jamaat has been under assault by two fronts, namely:

  • Maulana Saad. He seeks to elevate himself as the sole authority of Tabligh at whatever cost. He is the source of the current confusion and disunity. See: Tablighi Jamaat Crisis.

The confusion comes as a lot of M Saad followers are good and sincere people. They are just misinformed and we can only pray to Allah for their guidance.

Why support a controversial figure at the expense of disunity (https://bit.ly/tjspl)? Would you allow someone who has a history of reckless driving to drive your car? Why allow someone who has been criticized by the Ulemas to drive this global effort of Da’wa? (Fatwas https://bit.ly/ft40) Why let a controversial persom become the face of Tabligh? He is not even the legitimate Amir since he violated the 1995 agreement (https://bit.ly/mv95a)! All elders have tried to discuss peacefully but all hopes were lost when M Saad did the unthinkable during the 13th of Ramadhan 2016 (https://bit.ly/nzv16). All senior elders including Haji Sahab are not with him (See elder’s testimony https://bit.ly/eldtj)!

Hope this clarifies!

  • The ‘Extreme’ pseudo literalists, who call themselves Salafi. First of all, please understand that we have many Salafi-influenced members who join us. Many of their leaders have praised Tablighi Jamat (source here). However, some of them are ‘extreme’ in their views and continue to assault Tablighi Jamaat and many other Dawa groups as well.

While some of our writing may be critical to a group/individual, we do not promote hate. We are simply warning people (See: backbiting vs warning). We love and hate only for the sake of Allah, and due to this, we must ensure everything falls within the walls of Sharia.

We are open to Debates!

We are open to discussions or debates. We are always seeking to verify and test our information. For debates, we follow a turn-by-turn debate in a 3-minute-per-turn style. As we are mostly from the far east (Indonesia/Malaysia), the best medium for debate is via Google Meet or Zoom.

If agree, we have the right to record and publish any debates/discussions. Our medium is either English or Indonesian (Bahasa).

For Debates, contact us at: admin@tablighi-jamaat.com

Please Share with us!

If you have any info to share regarding Tablighi Jamaat, please do not hesitate to share it with us. As of 2023, many of our articles have ranked top 10 in Google searches for Tablighi Jamaat. We receive an average of 200 to 400 readers daily worldwide.

Share with us at: admin@tablighi-jamaat.com

Write for us (Guest Posting)

If you wish to write an article for us, just email us your article in any format. We will take care of the formatting. We are looking for articles related to:

  • Tablighi Jamaat
  • Da’wa – Example: Why Da’wa is important, How to do Da’wa, etc
  • Islam – General and non-political. Example article: Why Islam is the True Religion, etc

Off course we will not publish anything critically against our cause. You are free to add links in the article to your site (We understand that is the prime motivation for Guest Posting). We will only add your article to the main menu if it is suitable. Regardless, this site generates a ‘sitemap’ file for Google. Your article will immediately have a presence on the internet despite it not being in the Menu structure.

As of 2023, many of our articles have ranked top 10 in Google searches for Tablighi Jamaat. We receive an average of 200 to 400 readers daily worldwide.

Write for us at: admin@tablighi-jamaat.com

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