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Who are we?

First and foremost, this website is our own project and initiative. We do NOT represent any Elders / Shura of Tablighi Jamaat. They have never directly or indirectly asked us to prepare this website.

We are however active members of Tablighi Jamaat and are up-to-date with the movement.

Our aim is to support the preservation of the true doctrine (Manhaj) and the history of Tabligh. We only collect authentic sources and testimonies (See: Our Authentic Sources). Most of Tablighi Jamaat’s resources are in Urdu, so we endure to write in English. Tablighi Jamaat started with the utmost purity and expanded preserving this purity as well.

We do not receive any donations or credit for what we do. We leave all rewards to Allah SWT.

For any concerns, you may contact us at:

Contact: admin@tablighi-jamaat.com

Important Disclaimer

Tablighi Jamaat has been under assault by two fronts, namely:

  • The Saadiyani Cult. They have distorted the pure doctrine and history of Tabligh. They seek to elevate their controversial leader (Maulana Saad) as the sole authority of Tabligh. They have caused much confusion and disunity. See: Tablighi Jamaat Crisis.
  • The ‘Extreme’ pseudo literalists, who call themselves Salafi. First of all, please understand that we have many Salafi-influenced members who join us in Jamaats. Many of their leaders have praised Tablighi Jamat (source here). However, some of them are ‘extreme’ in their views and continue to assault Tabligh and many other Dawa groups as well.

While some of our writing may be critical to a group/individual, we do not promote hate. We are simply warning people (See: backbiting vs warning). We love and hate only for the sake of Allah, and due to this, we must ensure everything falls within the walls of Sharia.

We are open to Discussions and Debate

We are open to discussions or even debates. We are always seeking to verify and test our information too.

If agreed, we have the right to record and publish any debates/discussions. Our medium is either English or Indonesian (Bahasa).

Contact us at: admin@tablighi-jamaat.com

Please Share with us!

If you have any info to share regarding Tablighi Jamaat, please do not hesitate to share it with us. As of 2023, many of our articles have ranked top 10 in Google searches for Tablighi Jamaat.

Email us at: admin@tablighi-jamaat.com