Maulana Saad aggressively demands Musafaha

After the demise of Maulana Zubayr (One of the 3 Shuras of Tablighi Jamaat) on the 18th of March 2014, Maulana Saad began demanding many positions such as being the only person for Musafaha. He started to aggresively go against Mashwara for this. It was clear to many people, including Maulana Arshad Madani, that Maulana Saad had never undergone Tarbiyyah (See: Maulana Arshad Madani Audio at 5:26 “Maulana Saad did not get proper Tarbiyyah”).

NOTE: Before reading further, please understand that our aim is to preserve the history of Tabligh, no matter how bitter it is. As generations come, this history may be forgotten. We do not promote hate, and certainly not backbiting. See our article ‘Backbiting vs Warning‘. No matter how bad a Muslim is, he is still our Muslim brother. We love and hate only for the sake of Allah.

The following series of events took place:

2014 November – After the demise of Maulana Zubayr, it was decided in the world Mashwara by Haji Abdul Wahab that the recitation of Du’a and Musafaha (a ceremonial farewell handshake before a person goes out in the Path of Allah), the vacancy which Maulana Zubayr left was to be replaced by his son, Maulana Zuhairul Hassan, to honour his father’s legacy. Maulana Saad was very angry and upset with this decision. He wanted him alone to solely do Musafaha, and not to be shared by anyone else.

Source: Ahwal wa Atsar, Page 76

2014 – An evil rumour began to spread by the followers of Maulana Saad that Maulana Zuhair ul Hassan was seeking to be the Amir of the Jamaat. Maulana Zuhair strongly denied this:

How can I dare to claim myself Amir when my Father Hazrat Maulana Zubair Ul Hasan sahab didn’t Claim himself as Ameer and never asked for Imarat. Instead he always obeyed the Local and World Mashwaras. How can I do this, when my Father had never done such?

Source: Letter from Maulana Zuhair Ul Hasan

2014 November 16 – During Raiwind Ijtema, in front of all the Mashaikhs, Maulana Saad brought up his dissatisfaction with regard to the Musafaha decision.

Maulana Shaheed Saharanpuri wrote in detail what transpired in the Raiwind Ijtema:

It was decided that the Musafaha for the congregation who will leave fi sabilillah (in the Path of Allah) will be done by both Maulana Saad and Maulana Zuhair ul Hasan on stage. However, after the decision was made, Maulana Saad all of a sudden said to Maulana Zuhair (witnessed by all the attendees): “Mulwi Zuhair, don’t you dare come for Musafaha with me. Only I myself will do the Musafaha. Two person Mushafaha is against Sunnah!

All the Mashwara attendees immediately reprimanded Maulana Saad that what was decided in the Mashwara is what was to be implemented. Maulana Saad ignored their plea.

Haji Abdul Wahab, being the man of hikmah, went to Maulana Zuhair and said to him “My dear Zuhair, you are like a son to me. Your father, Maulana Inaamul Hasan has always asked me to do Mushafaha in the foreigner’s Halaqa. My advice to you is to just go there and do your Musafaha there”

Maulana Zuhair replied, “I am just like a son to you. I will do whatever you say”. Maulana Zuhair immediately went to the foreigner’s Halaqah to do the Musafaha.

Maulana Zuhair and Haji Abdul Wahab‘s show of humility by backing down despite being on the side of the Mashwara’s decision avoided a conflict at that point.

Source: Ahwal wa Atsar, Page 77-79

2014 December 8 – On the closing of the Bhopal Ijtema in India, as per Mashwara, the stage was prepared for two people to do Musafaha (Maulana Saad and Maulana Zuhair). Maulana Saad was so furious and refused to Mushafaha due to this. He said that the Musafaha of two people is against the sunnah. Maulana Saad angrily said, “It’s either I or he. One of us should go”. The other elders persuaded him, but he insisted and immediately got off the stage and left the Majma’. Maulana Zuhair did not want to do Musafaha alone, so he too came down the stage. However, the Mashaykhs had to hold him back as people were already waiting for the Musafaha to happen.

Source: Ahwal wa Atsar, Page 77

2015 August 18 – After the closing of the Old Workers Jod of Uttar Pradesh in Nizamuddin Markaz, Maulana Saad’s guards created a ruckus. They forbade and expelled those who wanted to do Musafaha with Maulana Zuhair, even though the stage was prepared for a two-person Musafaha (Maulana Saad and Maulana Zuhair).

Maulana Saad suddenly came up and spoke on the microphone that the Musafaha of two is against Sunnah, so whoever wants to do Mushafaha with him, should go downstairs. After speaking, he left.

Maulana Sharif, a blind supporter of Maulana Saad, then boldly came to the microphone and proclaimed “This Zuhair is against Shura. Musafaha with Zuhair is not in accordance with the Mashwara. He is against Shura. Mushafaha is only for Maulana Saad.”

Source: Tablighi Markas Hadhrat Nizhamuddin Kuch Haqaiq, Page 10

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  1. respected brothers running this website,

    we wholeheartedly appreciate your sincere efforts to create awareness and preserve the effort of tableegh in the manner shown by the 3 elders Hazrathh Moulana Ilyas (ra), Hazrathh Moulana Yoosuf (ra) and Hazrathh Moulana Inaamul Hasan (ra). I am from a South Asian nation and as you have rightly stated regarding our country elsewhere in the website, a vast majority of the tableegh brothers here are with Moulavi Sa’d. However, a significant number among them including some ulema are totally ignorant of his “true colours” and the danger to ones iman in taking him as a guide in religious matters. Your site is an excellent reference to such brothers who are seeking the truth in this matter. I wish to make to make a humble suggestion that it would be best to remove the photographs of the elders from your site. While the permissibly or otherwise of such photos is a matter in which there is outwardly a difference of opinion among ulema, some sincere brothers who are seeking the truth, who consider these as impermissible, may be put off from your site, solely due to the presence of such photos. Since your site covers the subject matter concerned in a very comprehensive manner with valid references, I doubt that such brothers will ever get such information from anywhere else. Hence this request.

    May Allah accept all your sincere efforts and preserve the effort of tabligh and all other true efforts of deen taking place in the world under the guidance of the righteous ulema,

    1. Jazkalllah Khair for your support. You do have a point, Insha’Allah I will remove the pictures from the main page. Having said that, this site has been designed for English-non-Urdu-speaking brothers who have been targets of false misinformation. Sadly most of the information about the Ikhtilaaf is in Urdu. The people of Indo Malay Background form the second bulk of Tablighi Workers worldwide. Many of them due to their soft nature have been misled by Saad’s propaganda.

  2. Maulana Saad is working for RSS and all the agenda of current political party is on his table. Money minting machine he becomes.
    And sincerely I don’t like the Tablighi way of working. They are forcing and pressurizing locals for chilla etc.

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