Maulana Saad’s Controversial Speeches even after Rujoo

Maulana Saad’s controversial speeches resulted in the first Fatwa from Darul Uloom Deoband issued on the 28th November 2016. Maulana Saad immediately initiated a ‘Rujoo’ to retract his statements. About 1 year later, Darul Uloom Deoband officially rejected Maulana Saad’s Rujoo on 31st January 2018 as they still find him still making controversial speeches despite the Rujoo.

Deoband mentions: “The Ideological divergence of Maulana Saad which Darul Uloom Deoband has pointed out in its Stand cannot be ignored at all“.

This section proves, with evidence, that Darul Uloom Deoband was right in their rejection. The collection of his speeches even after Rujoo clearly shows that Maulana Saad has not repented. The onus is on Maulana Saad to demonstrate his change, not on Darul Uloom Deoband to simply accept it.

NOTE: Before reading further, please understand that our aim is to preserve the true doctrine (Manhaj) of Tabligh. As generations come, this may be forgotten. We do not promote hate, and certainly not backbiting. See our article ‘Backbiting vs Warning‘. No matter how bad a Muslim is, he is still our Muslim brother. We love and hate only for the sake of Allah.

Maulana Saad claims 40 days is Fardh (2022)

In early 2022, Maulana Saad in one of his speeches claimed that going out in Khuruj for 40 days is Fardh (Compulsory in Islam – Like how Prayers/Salat are). This is against the consensus of the mainstream Ulema and will create extremism (ghuloo’) in his followers. His translated speech is as follows (Youtube link here):

The Usool of this effort is masnun (i.e. the practice of the Holy Prophet SAW). The Usool of this effort is (also) the practice of Sahabah R Anhum. (It is) Impossible to leave it. Opposing it openly is the cause of our impoverishment. People ask whether completing 40 days is Fardh? I AM SURPRISED THAT PEOPLE ASK MUFTI SAB (THIS). IF IT IS NOT FARDH, WHAT ELSE IS IT?

Maulana Saad claims our Imaan is stronger than the Sahaba, Prophets, and Angels (2019)

The following is a transcript of his speech in Amravati Ijtema, India 2019. Maulana Tariq Qasmi has criticized this statement as it is an insult to the prophets, Sahaba, and Angels. Such a person claiming this should immediately make Tawbah (Repentance).

Listen to me. The Prophets, Sahaba (and angels). Muslims today do not understand, the Imaan given to us is better than the Imaan of these three groups (Prophets, Sahaba and angels). There is an authentic hadith (on this). Let me tell you about this. Today Muslims are so negligent about Imaan, yet they are not negligent with their Amaal (Practices). In reality, without Imaan one cannot be steadfast in Amaal (Practices)…..

Maulana Saad claims that the help of Allah does not come through Imaan but through obedience (2022)

During Fajr Bayan on the 22nd of October 2022 in Malaysia, Maulana Saad, in an attempt to brainwash the masses into submission to his leadership, blatantly claims that the help of Allah does not come through the perfection of Imaan but through the perfection of Itaat (obedience).

The following is a short translated transcript of his speech. The full Urdu is in the Youtube video.

Today people say that the supernatural help of Allah SWT that came to the Sahaba was due to the the perfection of their Imaan.

…..(continued further)….

I would like to inform those that are involved in the work of Dawah, THAT IS WRONG!

…..(continued further)….

It is necessary to understand that the supernatural help received by the Sahabah is not due to the perfection of their Imaan but due to the perfection of their Itaat (obedience).

Please listen to what I have to say

Maulana Saad claims that Shuras are the biggest Fitna (2019)

In 2019, Maulana Saad boldly claimed that Shuras are the biggest fitna. This is not only a baseless exaggeration but is against the consensus of the Ulema where Shuras are an essential part of Islamic administrations.
Not only that, Maulana Saad contradicts himself by forming Shuras in various countries worldwide. For example, in Pakistan he formed a new Shura for his cult in 2022. The Shura had 8 members and 2 Faisals (Maulana Haroon Qureshi and Maulana Usman).

His exact words (translated):

This is the path of disputes. Here (in Nizamuddin) there is no need for Shuras. The whole country is needed here. The whole world is needed here. Instead of forming a shura, we form an ummah. THE FORMATION OF SHURA IS SOMETHING THAT CAUSES DISPUTES. Form the Ummah. Form the Ummah. Instead of forming a Shura, form the Ummah. THE BIGGEST FITNA IS THE FORMATION OF THE SHURA.

Maulana Saad claims that Allah SWT will take such work from us that had not been given to the prophets

In a speech in Sudan in 2017, while STILL in the process of Rujoo, Maulana Saad mentions that if one performs the work of Dawa with Ikhlas (sincerity), Allah SWT will take such a work from him which had not been given to the prophets.

His translated words (See video for full Urdu speech):

If Allah the Almighty takes work from Ababil, to eliminate Abrahah, will you be jealous of Ababil? Yes. Are you jealous of Ababil? This is HIS nature. If you work with Ikhlas, Allah SWT will take work from you, from which Allah did not give to the Prophets. This is Takaza Qudrat

Maulana Saad claims that the effort of deen cannot be carried out without deception and Takwil (manipulation)

In one of his most controversial speeches, by making an unorthodox deduction from the story of Abdullah bin Rawahah, Maulana Saad blatantly mentions that the work of Dawa cannot be carried out without deception and Takwil (manipulation).

Maulana Saad says:

The story of Abdullah bin Rawahah RA with his wife has been reported in the book Hayatus Sahabah. One day, he slept with his female slave. His wife (upon finding out) was angry at him and brought a knife to kill him. In those days, husbands were allowed to sleep with female slaves like wives. He (Abdullah bin Rawahah) asked his wife on why she brought the knife. She says that she wants to cut his chest open. “Were you not sleeping with the slave girl?” (She said). He (Abdullah bin Rawahah) then answered that I will read the Quran to you. If I had slept with the slave girl, how can I read the Quran (as it it impermissible to read the Quran in an impure state)? He (Abdullah bin Rawahah) then, instead of reading the Quran, read several lines of poetry in Arabic. His wife than said what she saw was wrong.

A believer cannot lie. What Allah and His Messenger said is true (said his wife). A believer cannot read the Quran while in an impure state.

Look, if without takwil (manipulation) and deception like this, a house cannot be united, can the whole world work together (and unite)? Think about it. This was only for a husband and wife affair, without it (takwil, manipulation and deception) a household relationship cannot be good. If a house of only two people can’t be together, without thinking well of others and denying what we see, what about this very big effort (of Dawah)? (Can it be carried out) without deception and takwil (manipulation)?

Full Audio (URDU) =>

Maulana Saad claims that working for a Halal Rizk is wrong and not Ibadah if Muslims are going Murtad

Maulana Saad mentions in one of his talks that it is wrong to assume seeking Halal Rizk is an Ibadah when people are leaving Islam. While the context is on the importance of Da’wa, the way it is put is unprecedented and is a concern for exaggeration and extremism. These are one of the aspects that Darul Uloom Deoband has raised.

Aside from that, it is mentioned in a Hadith (Mishkat), by the authority of Abdullah bin Masood (RA), the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Seeking halal and pure Rizk is Fardh, after the Fardh (Salat)”

Maulana Saad’s actual statement is as follows:

When the Ummah is going towards the fire of hell, how can people say seeking Halal Rizk is an Ibadah? When a Muslim becomes an apostate, it is wrong to seek lawful sustenance! Allah will ask you. You should not be happy when you earning a living and happily giving provisions to your children. You shouldn’t be happy. Allah SWT will hold you accountable.

How is it, that when the ummah that was built on hardship, now in the state of apostasy, that you, by sitting at home and earning a living, you say this is Deen? Allah will question you on the Day of Resurrection!

Maulana Saad claims that Mashwara is more important than Salat (2022)

In 2022, Maulana Saad blatantly claims that Mashwara is more important than Salat while speaking in Arabic. The audio has been widely circulated. Though we have been unable to determine where the speech was made, we are 100% sure that the audio is authentic and the voice therein is Maulana Saad’s voice.


Maulana Saad claims that without Gasht, our Imaan will not be perfect (2022)

In October 2022, in the Malaysian Ijtema, Maulana Saad indicated that Gash (aka Jawlah i.e. visiting people door to door) is required for the perfection of Imaan.

While his speech was in reference to the importance of “Amaar Bil Maaruf Nahi Anil Munkar” (enjoining the good and forbidding the evil), Maulana Saad made a clear reference that he was referring to Gasht when he blatantly said.

When these two obligations (Ammar Bil Maaruf Nahi Anil Munkar) is Fard, and completing these two obligations is in itself important for Imaan, how can Imaan be perfect without Gasht?

Without Gasht, the perfection of Imaan cannot be produced!

Maulana Saad in Malaysia Ijtema October 2022

Such a manner of speech has been criticized as it creates a sense of superiority and extremism amongst his followers. Those with weaker minds and knowledge of Islam may start taking it literally and propagate this absurd notion.

Maulana Saad makes incorrect remarks about the Holy Prophet SAW (2018)

During the Aurangabad Ijtema, India, in February 2018, Maulana Saad talked about the need to not be wasteful in Walimahs.

He narrates the usual practice of the Holy Prophet SAW which was to prepare simple food such as cheese and dates during a Walimah. On one exclusive occasion, the Holy Prophet SAW prepared bread and meat instead, in which due to this the Holy Prophet SAW went through a lot of difficulties.

Maulana Saad has been criticized for his deduction and the way he presented the story. It was outright dismissive and inappropriate, as it gave the impression that Holy Prophet SAW was wasteful.

But most of all, the Ulemas have criticized his version of the story:

  1. This was not the only time that the Holy Prophet SAW prepared bread and meat during a Walimah (Umdadul Qari, volume 20, page 155, Fathil Bari, volume 9, page 146 under hadith commentary number 5171)
  2. There is no proof that the Holy Prophet SAW only prepared cheese and dates during his occasional Walimah. This shows a blatant fabrication from Maulana Saad.
  3. There is a Hadith encouraging us to perform Walimah EVEN if you can provide a single goat.

Maulana Saad says:

In the walimah which was held differently from the usual way, the Holy Prophet SAW experienced hardship. Now compare this to how far we have gone from the sunnah of the Holy Prophet SAW who fed bread and meat. Now, there are so many kinds of hardship. Misery, debt, worry, usury’ and wastage. If the Prophet SAW could experience hardship due to bread and meat, how far have we gone from the sunnah?

The Holy Prophet SAW had to bear hardships in the walimah as he did not follow his regular practice. The amazing thing is that the Holy Prophet SAW had to endure hardships.

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