Markaz Nizamuddin’s First Ever Bloodshed – The Day Our Elders Left


On the unfortunate day of 19th June 2016, on the night of the 13th Ramadhan, a group of 100-150 gangsters, stormed the Nizamuddin Markaz (Headquarters) and caused the first-ever bloodshed there.

Anyone who was not in line with Maulana Saad was beaten. Some of the elder’s rooms were vandalized and furniture destroyed.

NOTE: Before reading further, please understand that our aim is to preserve the history of Tabligh. As generations come, this history may be forgotten. We do not promote hate, and certainly not backbiting. See: ‘Backbiting vs Warning‘. No matter how bad a Muslim is, he is still our Muslim brother. We love and hate only for the sake of Allah.

Blood splattered everywhere. The screams of the women and the cries of frightened children were heard from inside Markaz’s residential complex

14 people were so severely beaten that they had to be rushed to the ICU

The commotion caused some people to be injured and rushed to the hospital including 14 who were so severely beaten that they had to be rushed to the ICU.

Even the Hufaz, Ulema & Repected Maulana Ahmad Madhi (Khadim of Maulana Zubair) was severely beaten and hospitalized!

Even the Hufaz and the Ulema were not spared. The highly respected, Maulana Ahmad Madhi who was the Khadim (close confidant) of both Maulana Zubair and Maulana Zuhair was severely beaten and hospitalized. His three sons (including Hafiz Adnan in the picture below) were severely beaten too, and his clothes were drenched in blood.

Hafiz Adnaz was rushed to the ICU
Hafiz Adnaz was rushed to the ICU

Nearby Innocent Shops were also vandalized

The gangsters also vandalized shops outside Nizamuddin Markaz. Any shops related to or belonging to Gujaratis were ransacked and destroyed.

Nearby shops were vandalized

Maulana Zuhair’s house was vandalized and items were stolen

No fewer than 15 people stormed Maulana Zuhair’s house and vandalized it. The door of the house was broken into pieces. This was terrifying for Maulana Zuhair and his Family. Due to the incident occurring just after Ifthar, Maulana Zuhair could not go to the Masjid to conduct Taraweeh. His family spent the whole night in a state of fear and terror.

To show how much these people were thugs, a few of them reached the first floor of the Markaz where the rooms of Maulana Yaqub and Maulana Ibrahim were. They broke the locks of two rooms and stole all the belongings inside.

The Gangsters tried to ‘Finish off’ (beat) Prof Sanaullah

Prof Sanaullah, the man who pioneered the work of Tabligh in France, who is also one of the most Senior Elders, and a Muqeem in Nizamuddin, tells his account of the night of the violent incident:

Prof Sanaullah
Prof Sanaullah

While having Iftar, the commotion started and the gangsters started asking for his whereabouts. They wanted to ‘finish him off’ for not accepting M Saad as Ameer. This was narrated by himself. Maulana Ahmad Laat also narrated a similar incident.

The gangsters were seeking Prof Sanaullah to ‘finish him off’ for not accepting the Imarat of M Saad.

Maulana Ahmad Laat

It was revealed that M Saad held a grudge specifically against this old man. There was an incident that took place on the 23rd of August 2015, where Prof Sanaullah confronted M Saad directly. M Saad declared himself Ameer of the Ummah that day and told them all to ‘Go to Jahannam

Alhamdulillah, Prof Sanaullah managed to escape from the back entrance of Nizamuddin Markaz and was brought to safety.

M Saad denies any involvement

Police came and Nizamuddin Markaz was temporarily closed.

Instead of acting against these rioters, M Saad did hardly anything. He lodged a complaint with the police against local residents. He also made an announcement in the Markaz denying his involvement.

M Saad did the unthinkable => Lie.

M Saad lied that the gangsters were local residents, but it was clearly witnessed by many that they were not local but mostly from Mewat.

Here we give several proofs that M Saad was involved.

7 Proof that Maulana Saad could be behind all this!

M Saad has denied his involvement. However, it seems that he was very poor at covering his tracks. Here we shed some evidence that he probably was involved!

Was M Saad the mastermind?

Proof #1 – Maulana Ahmad Laat’s testimony

There is an audio recording of Maulana Ahmad Laat narrating several incidents of violence including a money extortion syndicate which extorted money from him as well. He narrates a story of a Maulana who was beaten up just for visiting Maulana Zuhair.

He also narrates receiving threatening letters. With the help of a friend who has a connection with the Police CID (Criminal Investigetion Department), it was traced that the mastermind was M Saad himself.

I have copies of threatening letters written to me… Upon further investigation, it was found that everything was happening from there (Nizamuddin, under Maulana Saad)

Maulana Ahmad Laat’s Testimony

Listen to his testimony below! One can only imagine how deeply the nefarious activities were happening in Nizamuddin!

Proof #2 – Maulana Ibrahim’s testimony confronting Maulana Saad

Maulana Ibrahim witnessed a sinister event a few days later which connected the dots between the incident and M Saad.

Maulana Ibrahim

Several days after the incident, he heard a loud noise of people fighting. There he saw Mufti Shehzad, one of M Saad’s henchmen, who told him that they were beating up three thieves. Maulana Ibrahim was shocked and told Mufti Shehzad that not only is harming people wrong, but you are doing it in a Masjid!

Maulana Ibrahim was shocked and told Mufti Shehzad that not only is harming people wrong, but you are doing it in a Masjid!

Maulana Ibrahim confronting Mufti Shehzad

Things got even more twisted. A few moments later, Maulana Zuhair came to Maulana Ibrahim with three of his guests who themselves were Scholars. The guests were severely beaten up with sticks. Maulana Ibrahim immediately realized that these were the three people that been beaten up earlier!

Maulana Ibrahim furiously confronted Mufti Shehzad: “Why did you lie to me? These are not thieves! They only came to visit Zuhair“. Mufti Shehzad replied with a sinister smile and simply said “Oh I forgot“.

Why did you lie to me? These are not thieves! They came to visit Zuhair. Mufti Shehzad replied with a sinister smile

Maulana Ibrahim confronts Mufti Shehzad
Mufti Shehzad

Maulana Ibrahim then went straight to M Saad and confronted him, “Until when will you continue to allow barbaric thugs to keep beating people at this honoured place?“. M Saad kept quiet.

Until when will you continue to allow barbaric thugs to keep beating people at his honored place?”

Maulana Ibrahim Dewla confronts M Saad

Maulana Ibrahim went back to his room. Being challenged, M Saad felt uneasy with Maulana Ibrahim’s presence. He sent some people to pressure the 83-year-old man to leave the place if Maulana Ibrahim did not agree with how things were being conducted in Nizamuddin.

Maulana Ibrahim left Nizamuddin after 11 days of Istikhara (Prayers seeking guidance from Allah).

Source 1: Maulana Zuhair’s Letter

Source 2: Maulana Ibrahim Dewla’s letter I witnessed one ugly incident

Proof #3 – Statement from Maulana Suhaib, son of Maulana Zubair

Upon investigation, Maulana Suhaib who was the son of Maulana Zubair, made a statement as follows:

Maulana Suhaib
Maulana Suhaib

Khaleel bhai.. this is Suhaib speaking from Markaz.. the news that has reached you is absolutely correct. Gangsters of M Saad have wrecked a lot of havoc today. The Markaz condition is very bad today. Three kids of Maulana Ahmed Madi were injured and hospitalized. About 4 to 5 Muqeems were injured. Their arms were fractured. They have all been hospitalized. Make dua that Allah سبحانه وتعالى protects us.

Gangsters of M Saad have wrecked a lot of havoc today

Maulana Suhaib (son of Maulana Zubair)

This happened right after Iftar, around 8:30 pm, while people were having iftar and tea. These gangsters started beating people. There were a lot of them from Jamnapar and Mewat. There were around 100-150 people. They also closed the gate and started beating people with sticks and canes, with whatever they could, even using iron rods. Many were injured. I shall send you a picture. Allah Hafiz. Make dua for the Markaz. Allah Hafiz. Make Du’a for the markaz.

Could the esteemed son of Maulana Zubayr be lying?

Proof #4 – Statement from Chaudhry Amanatullah, a high-ranking Mewati

Chaudhry Amanatullah, who was a Mewati himself, and the Shura of Nizamuddin Madrasah indicated that M Saad was the person behind this.

Chaudhry Amanatullah has recorded the details (in his book) of when M Saad incited his followers to use violence. M Saad said:

“I cannot express the sufferings I had to undergo from Ramadhan till date, the only thing left is to kill me (a figure of speech to express suffering). Those who are inflicting the suffering are people from your community (Mewat). Make them understand in your language (use force)”.

Make them understand in your own language (beat them up)

M Saad inciting his followers in Mewat (Testified by C Amanatullah)

Proof #5 – Report from Saudi Elders (Sheikh Ghassan and Fadzil)

Another bizarre incident was reported by Sheikh Ghassan Zarey (who was from Madinah al-Munawwarah) and Sheikh Fazil Basiyoni (who was from Makkah al-Mukarramah). They travelled to Nizamuddin for a meeting with M Saad after he agreed to meet them.

In a twist of the tale, they received threats of violence instead. They wrote a report on their visit which has been translated into English below:

When Mecca/Madinah Elders tried to meet M Saad

(I can just raise) my voice. If that happens, this Markaz will be full of Mewatis within one hour. These (Arab Elders) won’t be able to leave my room, let alone leave the Markaz.

M Saad’s threat of violence

Proof #6 – M Saad Lied in His Police Report!

Beyond all expectations, M Saad made a lie in his police report (source). He mentioned that the Gangsters were ‘local’ residents. However, this was far from the truth as the gangsters were not local but many were from Mewat. Many people witnessed this.

Why did he lie to the police? Why didn’t he truthfully state where the gangsters came from? Was he trying to protect the true perpetrators? All this adds proof to his involvement.

Proof #7 – M Saad’s Twisted Defense

M Saad first denied his involvement in the bloodshed. He also made an incorrect police report that the Gangsters were ‘local’ residents, as mentioned in Proof #6 above.

Since many were not convinced, he then changed his story from “No involvement” to “An operation gone wrong“! (see next section for further details)

This twist raises a lot of questions and can be further construed as proof of M Saad’s involvement (more details below).

Maulana Saad’s Twisted Defense

M Saad first denied his involvement in the bloodshed. Right after the incident, he made an announcement in the Markaz claiming he had no involvement in the tragedy. Since many were not convinced, his story changed from “No involvement” to “An operation gone wrong“.

The new story was about an operation aimed to catch 2 people who (they claim) stole a few million dollars of donation money from a rich Arab donor. According to them, the gangsters became uncontrollable and started beating everyone else.

The gangsters manage to catch Maulana Ahmad Madhi Mewati (One of the two), who they severely beat almost to death. They also beat all 3 of Maulana Ahmad Madhi’s sons (including Hafiz Adnan, picture below).

Hafiz Adnan (Maulana Ahmad Madhi’s son)

Not only did the twist of the story raise a lot of questions, but the new story raises even more questions, i.e.:

  • Who is this Arab Donor? Why hasn’t he come out to defend M Saad? Knowing that he lost a few million, wouldn’t he be in the scene to voice out his loss or defend M Saad?
  • Why bring 150 gangsters if you are only looking for 2 people?
  • Why Prof Sanaullah? Why were they specifically looking for him and wanted to ‘Finish him off’? Did Prof Sanaullah steal the money? or is it simply because he openly confronted M Saad?

The ‘cover-up’ defense story was poorly constructed and raises so many questions! This further proves M Saad’s involement.

Many of the Senior Elders left Nizamuddin

Upon seeing the open barbarism, almost all senior elders who were Muqeems left the very next day for their hometowns. This includes Maulana Ahmad Laat, Prof Sanaullah, etc. They could not accept anymore the conditions of the Markaz.

Maulana Ibrahim left later after making 11 days of Istikhara. He wrote a letter explaining the reasons why he left.

In Banglewali Masjid, Nizamuddin, such a group has taken control that is trying to push even the wrong things as right

Maulana Ibrahim Dewla’s letter, August 15 2015

Maulana Yaqub and Maulana Zuhair, since they did not have any other residence, continued to stay at Nizamuddin but never attended the Markaz programs anymore.


It is clear, that M Saad was the mastermind of the first-time-ever brutal incident in Nizamuddin Markaz.

As most elders left Nizamuddin, this incident sealed any hopes for reconciliation with M Saad. No one could ever remotely think that such an incident could happen in Nizamuddin Markaz, let alone happen in the holy month of Ramadhan.

As most elders left Nizamuddin, this incident sealed any hopes of reconciliation/unity with M Saad

On this very day, the fabrics of morality, Ikramul Muslimeen, compassion, love, and honouring of Muslim brothers have been shredded into pieces.

Sadly, at the very place that preached them…


  1. Can you please provide link between shura and Ameer according to Quran and Islamic principals. Then you will find the answer, who is right and who is wrong.

    Becoz Nizam e shura with rotating Faisal is biddath in islam, (but these modern educated people refused to accept it)

    1. We advice you to read and understand why M Saad is at fault, and Shura is the original body as agreed in the 1995 agreement which M Saad himself signed upon. By following M Saad blindly, one’s effort will only disunite and destroy Tabligh.

  2. Dear kashif sorry to say you should read the fatwa of darul uloom deoband so if you’re following molana Saad he’s already gumrah and if you’re following him you can imagine what you will be….

  3. May Allah swt protects n safeguard the RIGHTEOUS people who are sincerely doing this NOBLE WORK n protects us from any calamities…. Allahumma AAMIIN🤲

  4. The efforts of dheen have suffered greatly after the above division. Allah is now exposing the Munafikeen who engineered this division for their worldly benefits and sponsorships.

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