Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab’s Statements on the Maulana Saad Fitna

Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab was the most respected elder of Tablighi Jamaat until his demise on the 18th of November 2018. In fact, he has been the most senior elder since 2005 (after the demise of Mufti Zeinel Abidin). He is one of the few senior elders who had the opportunity to be in the company of Maulana Ilyas, the founder of Tablighi Jamaat.

Seeing the Fitna that had loomed the Jamaat, he rallied all the elders and took a firm stand against M Saad. See 3 Reasons Why Tablighi Jamaat Split for more details.

Here we have collected his recorded statements:

Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab 2016: What could be Maulana Saad’s sin that he uttered such words?

In November 2016, during Raiwind Ijtema in the Haweli main hall, Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab said the following:

A delegation from Nizamuddin was also present. However, M Saad did not attend.

English Translation:

Everyone has become a Chaudry (A Chaudry is a term used for a person who is wealthy, has many people under him and every person has to obey him. The best translation for this would be a big/important person). Those of Nizamuddin, those of UP, want to live as a Chaudhary in Nizamuddin. They want to remain as important people.

Whoever wants to remain a big person will be finished. Their family will be finished. (Allah) will give the opportunity to work to those who don’t consider themselves anything. Whoever will become an obstacle will be wiped out. Allah will do it. Allah will clean it. I am saying it clearly. To you people, give Da’wah to the right path, if you are asked to give it.

(It was a custom that) After Fajr prayers, Maulana Ilyas Sahib RA would at times recite Dam دم (reciting some verses or other words on someone for cure). He used to do this (almost) after every (fajr) prayer. After that, he would read the letters sent (to Nizamuddin) in front of all the people there. Then he would consult everyone for their opinions. Everyone would give their opinion. Scholars, people of Raiwind, and Saharanpur would all be consulted as well.

Hafiz (voice not clear here) said come here Peer Sahib (referring to Maulana Ilyas). What should we do next? He said that it had just been decided that Nizamuddin (voice not clear) would do so and so. Mufti Sahib and (voice not clear) would then give some answers. Finally, It was decided that the Madrasas should be involved in Da’wah and send students to Nizamuddin. The Madrasas will first bear the expenses of the students to travel to Nizamuddin. Nizamuddin will then bear the expenses for the Students to go for Tabligh from Nizamuddin. Next, it was asked who would present this matter to the Mufti Sahib (of Deoband). Who will present (this matter) before Hazrat Sahib? So it was decided that Qari Tayyab Sahib who is the grandson of Maulana Qasim Sahib and son of Hafiz Ahmad Sahib would present to Deoband. During the time of Hafiz Ahmad, Darul Uloom Deoband was well-established.

(Haji Sahab side tracks to a different topic here)
The People of (the city of) Madras used to do their own version of the work of Tabligh. I asked them, why don’t (Tablighi) Jamaat people come? (A man by the name of ) Muhammad said that Nizamuddin couldn’t handle it (This means that Nizamuddin was not able to send Jamaats to Madras).

What I am trying to say is that those who can do the work, bring them to Nizamuddin. This issue is not about Nizamuddin. It is about a person in Nizamuddin who wants to become Chaudhary. No one in this world is great, only Allah is great. Everything except Allah will cease to exist.

Such a person says I am so and so! Such a person says believe in me! I am someone big! I kept thinking about what exactly could be his sin that (Allah SWT had) caused him to utter such words. (I fear that) Because of this, the (blessings of the Khandhalwi) family will be destroyed (Referring to the blessings of Maulana Ilyas’ lineage). To those who come from Delhi, Basti Nizamuddin, learn to serve others! (The next line is unclear. It is more or less indicating that Haji Sahab is complaining that some people today just go to Jamaat like holidays. They do not have the desire to serve others)

It is the nature of (greedy) business people to seek control over everything in their hands. This is the current mess we are in. May Allah guide us.

They are making parties and associating people with themselves. We should only associate with Allah!

(Speaking on a different topic)
These South Africans have brought a Jamaat, every village should bring Jamaats.

Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab 2016: Maulana Saad should stop acting big and stop taking Bay’at

In November 2016, during Raiwind Ijtema in the Haweli building, Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab said in front of the old workers of Tabligh the following:

A delegation from Nizamuddin was also present. However, M Saad did not attend.

English Translation:

No Amiraat will work. What has been agreed upon is what will take place (referring to the 1995 agreement). Yesterday, the people of Nizamuddin came and I spoke to them. If in Saad’s desire, there is this thing “I am Ameer”, “I am someone”, and everyone makes Bay’ah to him, even so, no car will move (a metaphor referring that it will not work). What has been agreed upon is what will happen. I have told the people of Nizamuddin: The members of the Mashwara came to me and after discussing with them, I am in agreement with them. When there were problems from various countries, Maulana Yusuf told me, that my Shura members were not here, some were in Mecca and some were in Pakistan. The decision will only be made when everyone gathers. We thus sat in a Mashwara after the demise of Maulana Inamul Hasan. Saad said that if I am appointed as Amir, those who want Maulana Zubayr will disconnect themselves (from this effort). If Maulana Zubayr is made Ameer, those who want me will disconnect themselves (from this effort). Therefore this effort must be run by Mashwara and Bay’ah will not occur there. This matter has been agreed upon. Do you understand? Stop acting big and stop taking Bay’ah. He (interpreter referring to Haji Abdul Wahab) told them “All of you (referring to the People of Nizamuddin) should go (back) to Nizamuddin, and there, make dua to Allah Pak, and when you get there, whatever that has been decided by Mashwara, continue on that. And keep making Du’a. Oh Allah, keeping the entire humanity in front, whatever I’m supposed to do, please put that in my heart!”

Haji Sahab 2017: People of Nizamuddin must do Tawbah. Maulana Saad has not even spent 40 days.

In November 2017, during Raiwind Ijtema, in front of 500 people in Raiwind Markaz, Haji Abdul Wahhab Sahab says (English Translation):

You people (referring to the people of Nizamuddin Markaz) must do Tawbah. All of you don’t go to Nizamuddin (Markaz). Nizamuddin (Markaz) is no longer the same. Nizamuddin is now under the control of those who have not gone out in the Path of Allah. Maulana Saad himself has not spent even 40 days in Jamaat.

Audio (Urdu and Indonesian):

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