A Collection of Statements from Elders on the M Saad Fitna – Could they all be lying?


Below is a list of statements from various elders against M Saad and the Nizamuddin Faction Fitna. These testimonies are an important source of truth as it is impossible to imagine all of them are lying and Maulana Saad alone is on Haq! Most of these testimonies were written after the Nizamuddin Ramadhan 2016 Bloodshed (8 Proof Maulana Saad was the Mastermind) as the elders have tried everything they can to put up and compromise.

Could they all be lying and M Saad alone is right?

NOTE: Before reading further, please understand that our aim is to preserve the history of Tabligh. As generations come, this history may be forgotten, and the victims being left without Justice. We do not promote hate, and certainly not backbiting. See our article ‘Backbiting vs Warning‘. No matter how bad a Muslim is, he is still our Muslim brother. We love and hate only for the sake of Allah.

When it comes to history, this is one of the key difference between the Shura and the Maulana Saad Cult. The Shura has authentic facts and testimonies, while Maulana Saad relies on unproven theories, distortions and hiding the truth.

  1. Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab’s Statements
    • What could be M Saad’s sin that he uttered such words?
    • I fear that because of this, the (blessings of the Khandhalwi) family will be destroyed
    • Saad should stop acting big and taking Bay’at
    • People of Nizamuddin must do Tawbah
    • Maulana Saad himself has not spent even 40 days in Jamaat.
  2. Maulana Zubair Kandhalawi 2006 StatementThe issue of Muntakhab Ahadith is very serious. Many are worried about it. This book has been translated into various languages ​​without Mashwara
  3. Maulana Ibrahim Dewla’s LetterIn Nizamuddin, such a group has taken control and is trying to push even the wrong things as right
  4. Maulana Ahmad Laat’s Recorded TestimonyI have copies of threatening letters written to me. After investigation, it was clear that this was all happening under the direction of Maulana Saad
  5. Maulana Yaaqub’s LetterThere is such chaos in Nizamuddin that has led to verbal arguments, curses, and even situations of brutal manhandling
  6. Dr Khalid Siddiqui’s LetterUnanimously the Shura decided that the work will continue under the Shura and not under one Ameer
  7. Chaudhry Amananullah (Nizamuddin Madrasa Shura)Maulana Saad initiated the first-ever bloodshed in Nizamuddin during Ramadhan!
  8. Maulana Suhaib bin Maulana ZubairGangsters of Maulana Saad have wrecked a lot of havoc today (in Nizamuddin Markaz)
  9. Joint Letter from Elders – If we continue to support this wrong trend (M Saad) just to avoid fitna (disunity), this hypocritical approach would have all our capabilities, time, and wealth spent for the cause of the establishment of Baatil
  10. Makkah/Madinah EldersMaulana Saad threatened the reconciliation jamaat with violence!

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