Maulana Ilyas Brother: Maulana Mohammad


Maulana Mohammad is Maulana Ilyas’ eldest brother. Maulana Ilyas was the founder of Tablighi Jamaat.

Maulana Ilyas’ Father, Maulana Mohammad Ismail had 4 children.

Maulana Mohammed took his father’s place at Nizamuddin after his father passed away in 1898. Maulana Ilyas then replaced Maulana Mohammad after Maulana Mohammad passed away in 1918.

The following excerpt has been taken from the book “Life and Mission of Maulana Ilyas” by Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi.

Maulana Mohammad was a man of angelic disposition and an embodiment of affection, piety and humility. He loved solitude and cared little for worldly comforts. He lived in Bangle Wali Masjid, at Nizamuddin after his late father (Maulana Mohammad Ismail) passed away. There was a Madrasa in the Masjid which was founded by Maulana Mohammad Ismail. Only primary education was imparted in it, and among its pupils were mostly the children from Mewat. It has no regular source of income and reliance was placed solely upon Allah SWT for meeting its needs.

Maulana Mohammad’s Piety

Many people of Delhi and Mewat were devoted to Maulana Mohammad and have benefited from his guidance. His face had the radiance of spirituality. He often gave the sermon in an informal conversational way. He remained seated during it, and, generally read out the Hadith on good morals and Zuhd, and explained their meaning in a simple language.

Once, Maulana Mohammad developed a boil under an eye which had to be opened seven times. The doctors insisted on administering the anesthetic but he refused to take it and lay motionless throughout the operation. The surgeon, afterwards said that he had not seen the like of it in his life.

Maulana Mohammad dies in Sajda

Maulana Mohamed spent most of his time in Salat and meditations. During 16 years before his death, he did not miss the Tahajjud prayers even once. He breathed his last while performing the Sajda in Salat-ul-Witr in 1917.

Maulana Ilyas had come to Delhi to look after his sick brother and was staying with him in the Nawan Wali Masjid of Qassab Para. It was there that Maulana Mohammad died and the burial took place at Nizamuddin. Thousands of men attended the funeral.

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