Muntakhab Ahadith: Three(3) reasons not to read it


Muntakhab Ahadith is a 700+ page book containing a selection of translated hadiths from the original Arabic text into Urdu. The selected hadith were all related to the Six Points of Da’wa and Tabligh. From Urdu, it has also been translated into more than 20 other languages. Supposedly written by Maulana Yusuf Khandhlawi (The second Amir of Tabligh), it has been revealed that this was never the case. The book was written in secret by a team of Ulama paid by Maulana Saad.

Here we list down three reasons why we should not use the book in Ijtimai Taleems (collective teaching and learning circles):

NOTE: Before reading further, please understand that our aim is to preserve the pure doctrine (Manhaj) and history of Tabligh, no matter how bitter it is. As generations come, this history may be forgotten. We do not promote hate, and certainly not backbiting. See our article ‘Backbiting vs Warning‘. No matter how bad a Muslim is, he is still our Muslim brother. We love and hate only for the sake of Allah.

Muntakhab Ahadith
Muntakhab Ahadith

#1 – Use of Muntakhab Ahadith was a violation of the 1999 agreement. It was never approved in Mashwara.

In 1999, the World Shura at that time (Haji Abdul Wahab, Maulana Saad, Maulana Zubair, Mufti Zainul Abideen & Bhai Afzal) signed an agreement as follows:

“For any changes to the Usool (Methodology) of the Work, the World Shura must unanimously agree before they are put to practice”

On 12th September 2006, Maulana Saad for the first time ever instructed people to read Muntakhab Ahadith in Ijtimai Taleems. This was a massive change to the Usool of the Work. He did not obtain approval from the World Shura for it. Many elders objected to this but Maulana Saad simply ignored them.

Source: Ahwal wa Atsar, Page 460

This is straight dishonesty. No Khair (Goodness) will come out from it.

Maulana Zubair Kandhalwi, who was the most respected Shura of Nizamuddin at his time stated:

The issue of Muntakhab Ahadith is very serious. Many are worried about it. This book has been translated into various languages ​​without Mashwara, and now an effort is made to encourage the use of Muntakhab Ahadith in Ijtimai Taleems and Jamaats replacing Fadhail Amaal. As many are confused, this has caused divisions and disunity between those that use it and those that do not want to use it. Even here (in Nizamuddin) no Mashwara was made to allow the use of Muntakhab Ahadith. Therefore, I firmly request the general public to only use Fadhail Amaal, as it has been for the past seventy years.

Maulana Zubayr, Nizamuddin Markaz, 2006

Source: Ahwal wa Atsar, Page 464, Maujudah Ahwal ki Wadhahat se Muta’alliq, Page 16

#2 – Reading translated Hadith without commentary opens up dangerous self-styled ijtihad

The effort of Tabligh has always been very careful not to allow the slightest deviation from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah. This has been one of the key principles of Tablighi Jamaat since the day it was founded. Maulana Ibrahim mentions this point in his letter:

This Jamaat is bound by the Maslak of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah with regards to the explanation and interpretation of the matters of Religion and Shariah. They are bound to the legendary Mufassirin in pronouncing the Tafseer of any verse of the Quran, legendary Muhaddisin in the explanation of any Hadith and the opinion of legendary Fuqaha in deriving and interpreting the lives of Rasulullah (saw) and the Sahabah

Maulana Ibrahim Dewla’s Letter August 2016

Almost everyone that reads Muntakhab Ahadith, reads the translated version of the original Arabic text with almost no commentary and explanations. The majority of Muslims do not have adequate religious knowledge and are simple-minded people. Because of this, Muntakhab Ahadith has opened the door for dangerous self-interpretation of hadiths and self-styled ijtihads. Combined with the fact that the book was never approved by Mashwara (Point #1), no Khair (goodness) will come from using this book.

This is why in Tabligh, strict Usools (Methodology/Rules) are put in place. For example:

  • Only Ulema and Arab speakers are allowed to read Hayatus Sahaba in public. They must also read the original Arabic text. Ordinary people are not allowed to read translated Hayatus Sahaba in public.
  • Talks must be within the 6 points and not touch any matters of Sharia rulings (Halal/Haram).
  • Any translated hadiths quoted during talks must be mentioned with the word ‘To the nearest meaning…’. Even better, non-scholars are generally advised not to quote and explain Hadith or verses of the Quran in public lectures.

Those who consider themselves ‘intelligent’ and ‘civilized’ tend to question these Usools but they have to understand that this effort is global. The majority of the Ummah are simple-minded and have little knowledge of Deen.

What About Riyaadus Saaliheen?

Riyaadus Saaliheen was approved by Mashwara for Arab speakers who read the original Arabic text, not the translated hadiths like in Muntakhab Ahadith.

Darul Uloom Deoband Fatwa on Muntakhab Ahadith

Darul Uloom Deoband has issued a fatwa regarding the use of Muntakhab Hadith:

Question: What is the Sharia stand on reading Taleem of Muntakhab Hadith in the Masjid?

Answer: There is no tashrih (explanation) of the Hadiths mentioned in Muntakhab Ahaadith. Therefore, the general public may find it difficult to understand. It is better to read Fadhail Amaal during Taleem. Wallahu Taala A’lam

Source: Fatwa: 657-533/B=05/1440, Question #168171, Taklim of muntakhab hadith in the Masjid,

#3 – It is a book of Ikhtilaaf and will have a negative spiritual impact on the reader

The approved book for Tabligh is Fadhail Amaal written by Maulana Zakariya Kandahlawi, who was a mountain of piety. He was always Istiqamah in waking up an hour before Fajr and occupying himself in tahajjud and recitation of the Holy Quran. After Fajr, he would read his morning Duas and Zikrs until sunrise. He would then spend his time writing books until Zuhr. For every hadith, he would pray 2 Rakaats of Salat before writing it. He would then teach for 2 hours before Asr. After Isha, he would remain in solitude in Zikr and Salat. With all these daily Amaals, such a writer’s spiritual state would impact the reader.

Now compare that to Muntakhab Ahadith, a book written in such secrecy whose authorship is a lie (see the testimony of Maulana Bilal below). As testified by Chaudry Amanatullah, a Mewati Nizamuddin Insider, who was also the Shura of Nizamuddin Darul Uloom:

Maulana Saad’s reason for compiling Muntakhab Ahaadith in 2002 was to gain fame and status.

Chaudry Amanatullah, Shura of Nizamuddin Darul Uloom

Maulana Saad was 37 years old at that time, and he was less known amongst the Jamaat Workers. Publishing such a book would propel him to be at the same level as Maulana Zakariyya.

By replacing Fadhail Amaal with Muntakhab Ahadith, the spiritual benefit of reading Fadhail Amaal is lost. It is also feared that the evil intention of the publisher to seek name and fame (by means of lying), is transferred to the reader as well.

It is feared that the evil intention of the publisher to seek name and fame will have a spiritual effect on the reader as well.

READ: 3 Reasons Why Tablighi Jamaat Split and How it was Reunited

Mufti Nizamuddin Bengalore recently gave a viral talk clarifying this controversy:

If a person could lie on the matters of Hadith, do you not think he could lie on other matters as well?

Muntakhab Hadith was written by 6 Ulema from Karachi. These 6 Ulema are still alive. These 6 wrote Muntakhab Ahadith and were paid to write the book. When the book was completed, he (Maulana Saad) wrote his own name claiming HE was the one who translated the Hadiths.

Ask him to swear in front of Allah and sit on the Mihrab: Is it true that you translated these hadiths yourself? Ask him to hold the Quran and swear: Did he perform the translations himself?

This is nothing short of a massive lie! The reason is only so that the book Fadhail A’mal is removed and “My book” is used.

My Tabligh! My Organization! I am the Amir! My birthright! I am the Leader! Me alone!

Me! me! me! me! me!

Because of “Me”, this effort can die!
Because of “Me”, the Ummah can split into two!
Because of “Me” confrontations can occur.
Because of “Me” our elders can be driven out of the Markaz.
Because of “Me” people can become gangsters.
Because of “Me” Jamaats are thrown out of the Masjid.
Because of “Me” the sanctity of Da’wa can be destroyed.

Such a person should be ashamed of himself!

Ultimately, Muntakhab Ahadith is a book of Ikhtilaf.

History of Muntakhab Ahadith: A Dishonest/Lie

Maulana Muhammad Bilal was one of the 6 Ulema who wrote Muntakhab Ahadith. He regretted his actions and made a statement as follows:

Source: Ahwal Wa Atsar, Page 465-466

The truth behind “Muntakhab Ahadith”

I would like to bring to your attention an important point for all the workers of Tabligh Worldwide. Despite my affiliation with Maulana Muhammad Saad Haroon Kandhlawi, I regretted being part of the team of Ulema who compiled and organized Muntakhab Ahadith.

In the year 2000, Maulana Saad came straight to Karachi from Delhi without going to Raiwind Markaz. Haji Abdul Wahab was very angry when he knew about this. He should have come to Raiwind Markaz first and worked according to Mashwara (Council). At that time, I failed to see this and failed to understand why Haji Sahab was so angry.

When Muntkhab Ahadith was complete, an issue came about as to who the author of the book should be. From an academic and honest point of view, the book must be attributed to the Team of Ulama who completed it. However, we were surprised when Maulana Saad got angry at this. Maulana Saad insisted that the authorship of the book should be himself only. This was dishonest and downright fraudulent.

Maulana Saad insisted that the authorship of the book should be himself only. This was dishonest and downright fraudulent.

Maulana Muhammad Bilal, Author of Muntakhab Ahadith

The Ahadith which were selected by Maulana Yusuf RA concerning 6 points were very few. Most of the Hadith were selected and compiled by our team. To attribute this to Maulana Yusuf RA was an open lie.

Most of the ahadith were selected and compiled by our team. To attribute this to Maulana Yusuf RA was an open lie.

Maulana Muhammad Bilal, Author of Muntakhab Ahadith

Unfortunately, at that time, we underestimated how big of a Fitna we were about to unleash on the Ummah. We only realized this when Haji Abdul Wahab didn’t agree with the book and said that it will not be part of Ijtimai Taleems (collective reading). Haji Sahab had such foresight that saved the Ummah from this great Fitna.

Maulana Saad, a person from such a prestigious family, showed such dishonesty when he put his name as the writer of the book. توبه توبه استغفر االله. It was pure greed for name and fame.

People should ask this fraud Molvi Saad, if Muntakhab Ahadith was compiled in Pakistan, why do you attribute the book to yourself? Why was it first published in Pakistan? Is this book aimed to be a replacement for Fadhail-e-Amaal? It seems like you have become a traitor and a person who does not want to follow orders (Mashwara). Do you think Tabligh is your inherited property?

Currently, Muntakhab Ahadith is a means of Fitna and Ikhtilaf (disunity) in the whole world. We regret following this liar and fraud in compiling this book. May Allah forgive us for our mistakes.


    1. You should answer:-
      1. If Muntakhab Ahadith is a compilation done in Pakistan, why do you attribute the book to yourself?
      2. Why was it first published in Pakistan?
      3. Why is the book in replacement of Fadhail-e-Amaal?
      4. Do you think Tabligh is M Saad’s inherited property?

        1. If you are really serious with your work, then please translate the Bayan to English. We do not know who is Mufti Nawal. Is his credibility alone bigger than Deoband and all 40+ Instituitions that have issued Fatwas on M Saad?

          And more importantly what are his main points? Summarize them here please.

  1. The above 3 reasons are an excellent explanation for the disapproval of Muntakhab hadith. Maulana Saad always bypass mashwarah. He will be liable in the court if ALLAH IN day of judgment. Jazakallahu khair brother for your kind effort.

  2. Maulana Bilal he is teacher in Madrassa Ibn Abbas Karachi, in 2021 when i was visited that Madrassa, and one of teacher of that Madrassa, his name Syeikh Abdul Mu’iz At Tunisi told to us, he said Kitab Muntakhob Ahadith born here, in this Madrassa, we Are the team that write Muntakhob Ahadith….

    1. Jazakallah Khair, that’s interesting indeed. Do you have info on why M Saad went all the way to Pakistan for Muntakhab Ahadith? Why didn’t he assemble the Team in India?

  3. More than 20 years ago, Hadhratji Maulana Inamul Hassan Saab (Rah) before his death made a council of Shura (referred to Elders Jamat) by selecting few members from all over the world. This council was also referred as Ahle-Hal-wal-Aqad consisted of:

    1. Respected Maulana Saeed Ahmed Khan Saab (Rah)

    2. Respected Mufti Zainul Aabideen Saab (Rah)

    3. Respected Maulana Omar Palanpuri Saab (Rah)

    4. Respected Maulana Izhaar ul Hasan Saab (Rah)

    5. Respected Maulana Zubair ul Hasan Saab (Rah)

    6. Respected Miyaji Mihrab Saab (Rah)

    7. Respected Haji Abdul Wahab Saab (Rah)

    8. Respected Haji Engineer Abdul Muqeet Saab (Rah)

    9. Respected Haji Afzal saab (Rah)

    10. Respected Moulana Saad saab (DB)

    The Ameer and Faisal (Decision maker) of this Elders Jamat was Hadhrat Miyaji Mihrab saab (rah). Hadhratji Maulana Inaam ul Hasan saab (Rah) wanted to follow the footsteps of Hadhrat Omar bin Khattab (radhi Allah anho) so that this Jamat should make an Ameer for the effort of Dawat after his demise. Hence after the demise of Hazratji (Rah) this Jamat stayed in Markaz and Mashwarahs were done for 3 consecutive days. Subsequently a jamaat of 3 Zimmidaar/Ameers were chosen instead of a Single Ameer due to certain settings, and situations. These 3 Zimmidaar/Ameer were:

    1. Respected Maulana Izhaar ul Hasan saab (Rah)

    2. Respected Maulana Zubair ul Hasan saab (Rah)

    3. Respected Maulana Saad saab (DB)

    This was accomplished even though some Ulama/Ahle Ilm were not gratified with this decision. In contrary to the situation Maulana Mufti Aashique Ilahi Bulandsheri (Muhajir Madani) said that “Ameer should only be one”.

    The mentioned above Zimmidaar/Ameers use to be Ameer/Faisal (decision maker) turn by turn. After few months, Respected Moulana Izhaar ul Hasan saab (Rah) passed away. Since then the remaining two Elders used to be Faisal (decisionmaker) turn by turn and whenever one of them was away the other elder used to be the Ameer. Never did it happen that the (Elders) jamaat ever came together for Mashwarah to add a third individual in the list of Ameer/Faisal(decision makers).

    It is apparent that after the demise of Respected Hadhrat Moulana Zubair ul Hasan saab (Rah), Hadhrat Moulana Saad saab (DB) is the only standing decision maker in Markaz-Nizamuddin.

    Now the real Sunnah is being revived. As Rasulullah ﷺ has said (to nearest meaning): If there are three of you, make one among you an Ameer. (reported by Bazaar).

    Ulama have explained this hadith by providing few analogies, if 3 people are travelling or are in a jungle/desert, one should be selected as their Ameer. So Tablighi Jamat which does not consist of ONLY 3 people but in millions which are spread all over different towns, villages, cities, and countries working for extraction of evil, and spreading of virtue, should this Jamat not have an Ameer?

    In order to keep up the unison, unity, and unanimity among the Muslims, an Ameer has to be followed. The hadith of Rasulullah ﷺ is the evidence necessary to pursue the fact that it is an obligation on Muslims to choose an Ameer for themselves. (Neel-ul-Awtaar)

    In contradiction to the present Ameer, if anyone would like to become an Ameer, Rasulullah ﷺ has admonished of such a person in the most undesirable reprimanding. Hadhrat Maulana Saeed Ahmed Khan Saab (Rah) several times used to say with great regret “Alas! We were not able to choose a single Ameer.”

    The successors of Tabligh do not have the right to overturn the decision made by the predecessors of Tabligh. The Elders Jamat which was made by Hadhratji Maulana Inam ul Hasan Sab (Rah) got together for only one time in Markaz Nizamuddin for the sole purpose of deciding the Ameer and never again did they got together for any other purpose.

    Rather they left this world doing Tabligh while Obeying their elders. Thus, all the actions by the “Elders Jamat” made by Hadhratji, provides us incumbent evidence that proves this Elders Jamat was only made to serve the purpose of choosing an Ameer. In similar fashion, the shura made by Hadhrat Omar (Rad) fulfilled the purpose of choosing an Ameer and then stayed in the obedience of the selected Zimmidaar/Ameer.

    The practice of making a Jamat consisting of various Zimmidaar/Ameer in the form of Shura, where the decision is made turn by turn is not acceptable in ISLAM. Neither it has been portrayed by Rasulullah ﷺ while sending Jamaats nor it has been proved by the lives of Sahaba-Ikram (Rad). Moreover, the Four-Imams have not mentioned it to be a recommended practice in their respective Schools of thought.

    Alhamdullilah, since his inception, Maulana Saad Sahab (Db) is following the footsteps of our Elders Maulana Ilyas Sahab (Rah), Moulana Yousuf Sahab (Rah) and Moulana Inamul Hassan Sahab (Rah). An Ameer has the right to add/edit /subtract some working methodologies in order to elevate the workers to another level (like Moulana Yousuf Sahab (Rah) introduced Hayaatus Sahaba and Maulana Inamul-Hassan Sahab (Rah) introduced 5 A’maal – these methodologies are way of work and Shariah is not being hampered)

    Ahle-Batil want to destroy the importance, reputation, and Markaziyat (Obedience to Markaz with collectiveness) of Nizamuddin. They plan to corrupt the effort of Tabligh, and root it out from the world. Due to the same reason, people are rising against Markaz Nizamuddin, and Maulana Saad Sahab (DB), working on assassinating his character by spreading rumours. The Messenger of Allaah ﷺ said: “It is enough lying for a man to speak of everything that he hears.” Narrated by Muslim in al-Muqaddimah, 6; Saheeh al-Jaami, 4482.

    “It is a plea from the entire Ummah to stay against the propaganda created by the media and Ahle-Batil and make special du’as for the protection of the Markaz-Nizamuddin. Furthermore, everyone needs to increase their daily effort, infiradi a’maal, put on an effort to join the Ummah towards unity, and Ijtimaiyyath (collectiveness).” Mufti Saeed Omar Hashmi Mazahari-Qasmi

    To conclude, few Hadith in relation to this matter might help understand the importance of the situation.

    Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: Whoever dislikes something of the Ameer then he should be patient as whoever separates the size of a palm from the sultan then his death would be of Jahiliya. (Sahih Bukhari Kitab ul Fitan Vol. 9 pg 59 and Sahih Muslim Kitab ul Emiraate Vol.2 pg134)

    Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: Whoever leaves from the obedience (of the Ameer)and separates from the Jamaat (dies in that state) would die the death of Jahiliya. (Sahih Muslim Kitab ul Emiraate Vol. 2 pg 135)

    Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: Listen and obey (Ameer’s order) even if an Ethiopian slave is made (Ameer) on you whose head is (the size of) a raisin. (Sahih Bukhari Kitab ul Ahkaam Vol. 9 pg78)

    1. I am giving you 3 reasons why M Saad is not the Ameer as he was never appointed nor approved. This is the bottom line that you need to answer. Your lengthy explanation only serves to confuse the weak-minded.

      M Saad is not the Ameer as he was never appointed nor approved by Mashwara

      1. There was a signed agreement which Maulana Saad himself signed: No more Ameer and no more Bay’ah in Nizamuddin
      2. There was already a leading council (Shura) which Haji Abdul Wahab was part of. Going against a functioning organization causes disunity.
      3. Finally, even without the agreement, Ameer needs to be appointed and approved in Mashwara. M Saad did not get the Shura’s approval to be Ameer nor start Bay’ah as well.

      You are saying that we are causing Fitna. Are you also saying that the Ulema Institutions and all the Senior Elders like Ml Ibrahim, Ml Ahmad Lat & Hj Abd Wahab are all causing fitna too? (See fatwas from Deoband, Saharanpur, and 30+ more, the elders letters: Ml Ibrahim, Ml Yaqub’s Letter). Our deen is simple. Just follow the Ijma of the Ulema, and we are safe. InshaAllah.

  4. Is it the effort of deen Islam that you are slandering against an extremely pious person. Have you heard any bayan/ talk where Hazratji Mowlana Saad saheed did backbiting/slandering against anyone? You and your people are doing it day and night, even in internet. Please fear Allah subhaanahuwatay’la.

    1. Agreed. This is not a matter to put out there for common people to read. Most common people are simple minded and lack wisdom to fully understand these matters plus they have no means of making tehqeeq, they don’t think twice before jumping to conclusions creating fasaad and disunity. In my humble opinion this topic should not be on media as its presence will only serve to create division, confusion and hatred among people.

      1. We can disagree as Muslim brothers, while still respecting and not being enemies to each other.

        Read the Addab of Ikhtilaaf here:

        Your concern is valid. Though such criticism are hurled on the Ulema and Darul Iftas daily, i.e. whether to speak the truth or remain quiet (to avoid conflicts)

    1. If you choose to ignore facts and believe without evidence, I can’t do anything but to just make Du’a for you.

      Please brother, verify the source of information you are using, and forego any pride.

      1. Deoband has retracted their fatwa, I have asked the ulamaah myself and they said they don’t want to comment on the ikhtilaaf in tabligh. If Maulana Ebrahim Dewla and Maulana Ahmad Laat saab are so pios and experienced, why did Maulana Inam ul Hasan not add them in the shura to decide the next Ameer. I’m more than happy to clear your misunderstandings tjadmin, please give me your phone number and we can speak. Deoband has said that masturaat effort is not permissible, if you follow deoband, don’t do masturaat effort. Please listen to this video below:

        This video explains all the misunderstandings.

        The issue is, people have not listened to both side of the stories. I have listened to both side of the stories. Ask Ml Ibrahim and Ml Ahmad last that swear by the qasam of Allah that the mashwera of muntakhab ahadith wasn’t done in makkah, the fact is, they were present, mashwera was made that haji Abdul Wahab initiates it but he was stopped from coming on the stage by saathis from raiwind.

        1. Assalmaualykum Brother,

          Yes the Ulema are not involved in the Ikhtilaaf. They are looking at the bigger picture; that M Saad should not be followed at all. Even if Shura and Saad unite, we should still not follow Saad.

          Yes, you have listened to both sides of the story. But have you validated the facts from both sides of the story? Anyone can make up stories. Most of us here at used to be Saad followers but we learned the truth.

          Thanks for sharing the video. But Sorry, we are mostly from South East Asia here (Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand). We don’t speak Urdu.

    2. If you’re mukhlis, I’m ready to have a phone call with you so we can see who is actually wrong.

      1. We have received several calls for a Zoom “Discussion” but some ended up not turning up. Those that do, talk with intimidation, like a machine gun, non-stop and not allowing us to say anything.

        We conclude that some of Saad followers residing in Western Countries like UK, USA, Canada may have a “Superiority Complex”, possibly some Mental Illness.

        If you would like to discuss/debate via zoom, email us at We will send the zoom invite from there. You can remain anonymous. We are mostly from South East Asia, and don’t speak Urdu. Our preferred language is either Indonesian or English.

        More details at our About Page.

        1. I request tjadmin to stop spreading this shit on the Internet and take this content off asap,,, what are you trying to achieve by doing this?

          Instead of putting your efforts in spreading disharmony and deviding Ummah on the grounds of Ikhtilaf,,, do something fruitful and stop cashing in on the disagreement between the elders ,,, the history is testimony to the fact that there has always been a new fitna when real testing time comes around like that of after the demise of our beloved prophet. Instead concentrate on spreading the word of Allah and stick to your deen.


          1. Assalamualaykum. We want nothing more than to unite this effort upon the truth. We are so sad that Saad followers have chosen to make a separate group rather than seeing the truth.

            Is this effort not important? The effort that has guided millions?

            Don’t we love and believe in this effort?

            If so, how can we break this effort into two?

            I pray to Allah that Saad followers just open their hearts and listen to the truth. Just listen! Don’t be so fanatical. Rasulullah SAW said to the nearest meaning “Kibr is the rejection of the truth”.

            Look at the facts!!

            Why follow Saad so much, at the expense of breaking the work of Da’wah?

            May Allah SWT open our hearts!

        2. I have been on deobands website and cannot find anything that is against Maulana Saad, looks like they have changed their views and retracted their views after finding out the truth. Old fatwas can be found, but on their website there is no fatwa that is against hazratji, check yourself on their website.

          Majority of the other institutions are leaning on deobands fatwa which doesn’t exist anymore

  5. Majority of the fatwas are in urdu, if you don’t understand urdu, how are you publishing something that you don’t understand?

      1. I have opened that link, it says nothing against Maulana Saad on that fatwa, Maulana Saad’s name isn’t even mentioned, please open the link and check for yourself. Deoband has retracted their views, you’re being stubborn and not accepting the truth. I’ve visited darul uloom deoband myself and they have said that Maulana saad is with ahlus sunnah wal jamaa’ah and he is on the straight path, whoever follows him are doing very great work. Please visit darul uloom deoband yourself and you will realise how you have misunderstood.

        1. Please provide us the link or proof that Deoband have retracted their recent 2023 Fatwa.

          We don’t think you are mentally ok from the way you reason. Please ask Allah SWT for guidance.

          1. I have visited darul uloom deoband myself, and I asked them what their stance is regarding Maulana Saad. They said we don’t want to comment on anything about the dispute between the elders of tabligh. In regards to Maulana Saad, he is not misguided, he is not a kaafir, his talks are all within the ahlus sunnah wal jamaa’ah. Some ulamaah disagree with some of his ideologies but ikhtilaaf between ulamaah is common. This is deoband’s stance. If you want, you can ask them yourself. Maulana Sa’ad also did a bayaan in a darul iftaa of deoband too, if you don’t believe me, ask darul uloom deoband yourself.

            Due to your kibr, you’re adamant on your stance. You’re not willing to accept the dalaa’il, which is very concerning. I pray that Allah helps you understand and recognise and follow the truth.

          2. Ok, if that’s the case then tell Deoband to issue a fatwa/Mawqeef that they don’t think M Saad is misguided, and it’s ok for us to follow him. Make everyone see.
            I’m sorry brother, your story is not a Daleel. It is just a hearsay. Show us evidence.

            On the contrary, the ammount of evidence againt M Saad is overwhelming. There is really no room for him to stand. Fatwa, Violence, 1995 Agreement, Elders Statements, his experience.

            It’s ok brother. It’s ok to make a mistake. Let it go. Just apologize and unite back. Brother…. It’s ok to lose. Life is short. Akhirah is forever.

            Du’a please!

  6. Promoting specific books like fajail aamaal is not what deen is. Fadhail aamaal have zaeef hadees as well. We should all be focusing on the study of Qur’an and how Allah want us to be. In Qur’an Allah has already told that it’s a complete book and we made it easy to understand. If you want to read a book on our beloved prophet’s life (s.a.w). You may consider arrahikul makhtoom by Maulana saffiurrahman Mubarakpuri. This book is world renowned by scholars of Islam and are authentic references. At last I believe If we are doing good thing with good intentions only for sake of Allah and not for personal glory then there should no jahalat added with it and also not our own added fundamentals with it

  7. Assalam walikum,
    The most disturbing thing in this article is “Even better, non-scholars should not quote Hadith or verses of the Quran at all”.so please guzarish remove this line

    Who are you the people who wrote this article. The book is for whole mankind ,let alone muslim scholars so how can you write it.Also point there is “no khair ” is outright lie Any hadees ,it maybe small or big has khair .. Remember the last words of prophet to mankind (mfhum)” I’m leaving my legacy ie Qur’an and sunnat those who keep themselves steadfast on the same they willl be successful”
    So no matter who wrote/translated it’s our duty to do tehqeeq and do Amal accordingly.

    1. Waalaykumsalam, thanks for pointing it out. Our initial wording may be a little direct. We have changed it to ‘non-scholars are generally advised not to quote and explain Hadith or verses of the Quran in public lectures’

      It is a general rule for common people not to explain Hadith as they may unknowingly do self ijthads. You can see that even in our writing which you have pointed out, the choice of words can be understood differently; And this is not a Hadith, but a general guideline

      Regarding the ‘Khair’ part, ‘There is no khair without Mashwara’. I suggest you read Ahwal Wa Atsar (Biography of Maulana Zubair) to learn how Maulana Saad has always been a problem. His words, attitude and doing things without Mashwara such as the case for Muntakhab Ahadith.

  8. See brother I respect your feelings but I will be ont words when you said it’s for only scholars to quote Qur’an/hadees is wrong
    iam having youtube channel where I quote only the Qur’an.I have not done any Mashwara with anyone before beginning this work am I doing “Shar” by doing it.Please reconsider.Im leaving here the links publicly if anyone has any problem they can put comments on my channel I don’t mind

    1.Life a test or amusement/play

    2.Science and Qur’an

    1. All we can say is that an exception cannot be made the Rule. Please get an honest opinion from a scholar regarding your contents. There are ways how to avoid making conclusions, which a scholar learns in Madrasa.

      We just saw your videos. We commend your effort to produce the videos. You may want to improve your English and presentation though. Regarding Mashwara, what we mean is since you are not claiming this is Tabligh official channel or etc, there is no need for such. This is unlike Maulana Saad who makes big decisions on behalf of Tabligh without Mashwara.

  9. Thanks brother for taking it in positive note and I also take your words in positive note. But I have read Muntakhab Ahadis and I don’t see any reason to not read it . But still I agree to you on the point of Mashwara , it is the core of the work of Tableegh .

    1. Barakallah fiik. Our elders have not ‘banned’ Muntakhab Ahadith. There is nothing wrong with it as a book of Hadith. We are just not to read it in Ijtimai (Collective) Taleems due to the reasons mentioned in this article.

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