Maulana Ibrahim Dewla’s Letter

Maulana Ibrahim Dewla (Aka Maulana Ibrahim Devla / Ibrahim Sahab Devla) (Biodata here) is considered the highest authority in the current Aalami Shura of Tabligh, after the demise of Haji Abdul Wahab. A very soft person in nature, he dedicated his entire life to the work of Da’wah and was a resident of Nizamuddin Markaz, India. Maulana Ibrahim was born on the 25th of April 1933. As of January 2023, he is currently 89 years old in age.

The following letter was written in August 2016 after he officially left Nizamuddin Markaz. He was known the be the last of the Aalami Shura member to have left the Markaz, as his extremely soft nature finally had its limits.

His talks were always oriented toward the purification of the soul and the life hereafter.

Maulana Ibrahim Dewla

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All kinds of rumors are going around regarding my return from Banglawali Masjid, Nizamuddin to Gujrat on the evening of August 12, 2016. All these rumors are entirely baseless and contrary to the truth. Therefore, I think it is appropriate that I describe the truth myself.

The good image of this effort has taken a walloping and the sanctity that this effort enjoyed over the years is being shattered due to all that has happened in Bangley wali Masjid, Nizamuddin from the month of Ramadan till now in the year 2016.

A few days back, I witnessed one ugly incident in person myself. All this has saddened and troubled brothers all over the world, the renowned Ulema and the spiritual elders. The current situation has affected the collectiveness of the effort badly.

On the other hand, in Banglewali Masjid, Nizamuddin, such a group has taken control and is trying to push even the wrong things as right, thus proving as an obstacle in any worthy effort of setting things right. This is a very serious and dangerous situation for the effort.

There is a dire need to solve this intense problem with all seriousness. All those who think that there is no problem in Markaz at all and everything is going on normally are grossly mistaken, as this is contrary to the existing conditions and facts.

Despite feeling clogged, I decided to go to Banglawali Masjid, Nizamuddin after Eid-ul-Fitr this year. Before going, I had a feeling that the problems will be solved amicably soon, Inshaa-Allah. So, while I was there, I talked to Molvi Saad Sahab many times directly with reference to the current scenario.

But, sadly, no useful result came out. Instead, due to my stay in Nizamuddin and my participation in Mashwara daily, it started getting propagated that I am in agreement with the current methodology (Tarteeb) and doctrine (Manhaj) of the effort. Not expressing my perspective and viewpoint vis-à-vis the current scenario of the effort would be taken as sycophancy in Deen.

Therefore, in the following, I express my viewpoint in clear words for the benefit of brothers all over the world.

This Mubarak effort of Dawah has got its circle widened across the world. Millions of people are participating in the effort. People of different temperaments and different views are attached to this effort.

It is obvious that to take up the burden of such a vast and extensive effort, such an authentic group is required which has learned from the elders well. All the brothers must have no doubts about that Jamat at all when it comes to their quality of fearing Allah, trustworthiness, sincerity and striving for Deen.

This group must carry the effort on with mutual consultation and collectivism. Without this, it is very difficult to keep the effort from disorientation and to keep the brothers united. That’s why only, in the lifetime of Maulana Zubair ul Hasan Sahab R.A. itself, on the occurrence of some important matters, I had suggested many times to add more persons from across the world to the Shura made by Maulana Inamul Hasan Sahab R.A. I had presented the view that the solution to the emerging problems lies in this expansion of the Shura only.

In the last years of his life, Hazrat Marhoom Maulana Zubair ul Hasan Sahab R.A. had got ready also for that. But, suddenly his last time came, may Allah سبحانه وتعالى grant him forgiveness and enter him into Jannah. After the passing away of Hazrat Marhoom, with the Mashwara of old brothers, we sent a detailed letter to Maulana Saad Sahab., in which we had expressed our apprehensions about the current Tarteeb (methodology) and Nahaj (doctrine) of the effort, thereby requesting to give shape to the Shura as a step towards solving the problems. But, alas, nothing consequential came forth and the condition of the effort kept deteriorating.

Then, last year in November 2015, after the formation of the new Shura in the congregation of old workers from across the world, I requested Maulana Saad Sahab to accept this Shura. All the problems will be solved In-Shaa-Allah. But, he refused to accept, and because of this the effort got disturbed in the whole world and the situation became pretty alarming.

Even now, in my view, the solution to the problem is the acceptance of this Shura and then completing all the requirements of the effort with the collective wisdom of this Shura. As regards to the Nahaj (doctrine) and Tarteeb (methodology) of the Effort, it should be maintained in accordance with the previous three tenures. If there is a need for any addition or modification in the same, it should be affected only after a collective decision of the Shoora. At this time, the reason for the collectiveness being hampered is only that new things and formats are being introduced without the Mashwara and confidence of the old brothers.

This Jamat of Tableegh is bound by the Maslak of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah (Muslims in large with Sunnah and Deen in their life) with regard to the explanation and interpretation of the matters of Deen and Shariah. Similarly, they are bounded by the Legendary (Jamhoor) Mufassirin in pronouncing the Tafseer of any Ayah of Quran-e-Kareem, Legendary (Jamhoor) Muhaddisin in pronouncing the explanation (Tashreeh) of any Hadeeth and the opinion of Legendary (Jamhoor) Fuqaha in derivations from the lives of Rasool (saw) and Sahabah رضي الله عنهم.

Our elders in the previous three periods remain bound to this principle because, without this, the doors to the alterations in Deen will open up. From the very beginning of the effort, extreme care has been taken in all the discourses. All efforts had been made to stay away from the non-authentic anecdotes and undue derivations and innovations.

For this only, we have been ordained to confine ourselves within the six qualities during our discourse, to follow the authentic Ulama in pronouncing the explanation of any Ayah or Hadith. Our elders had been abstaining from contradictions, criticism, comparisons or judgments, and discussions on Aqaaed, Masa’il (Islamic Jurisprudence), and current affairs.

It is one of the basic principles of this effort to abstain from criticizing or passing judgment on any religious organization or person. However, nowadays, many of the elders are crossing these limits in their discourses, particularly in making wrongful derivations from the lives of Sahabah, excessive criticism, and passing judgments on other religious organizations.

I have not been agreeing with this before and had even been trying to divert attention toward this. In my talks also, I had been trying to warn about it all, in a positive way though.

However, when the limits were exceeded and people started interpreting my stay in Nizamuddin wrongly that I approve of the current state and Tarteeb (methodology) of the effort, thereby creating a feeling of suffocation for me in the current environment of Banglawali Masjid, then after many days of Istikhara, I have decided to open my heart before the brothers in clear words.

When the situation will improve, I shall not have the slightest hesitation in coming back again. My return to Gujrat should not be taken as being a party to anyone, rather it is for the sake of protection of the effort and to save myself from sycophancy. I am also answerable in the courts of Allah. May Allah سبحانه وتعالى only save the effort and its brothers, Ameen.

Banda Ibrahim Dewla

Currently at Dewla, Gujrat

Monday August 15th, 2016


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  1. Assalamu alaikum. Bros u all know that Mawlana Sad saheb never been to khuruj, then why did u follow him for so many years? Why u didn’t raise the before? Why raise the issue now? Why are you focusing so many issue now while before you been keeping quite?

  2. My question is that who is running this website?
    And what is the purpose of this website?
    Because hazraat never support this kind of platforms and why you are publicizing these internal matters to the world?

    1. Sure. I am just a regular Tablighi member (40 days yearly + 5 Amaals).

      Most of the information regarding what’s going on within Tabligh, especially with regards to the M Saad Fitna are in Urdu. I have endeavored to write in English.

      The main history was written by Maulana Abdurrahman, who is currently one of the Shuras of Indonesia.

  3. Assalamualaikum,
    Brothers I am gone to Nizamuddin in month of may 2023, never seen that type of empty markaz very few people in taalim & few peoples in wapasi hydayat, 1st my visit in 1988
    & many times attend nizamuddin, in month of feb mar apr may june July aug sep oct nov these are peak jammat lot of time I seen no place to khyaam then some jamaats went to kali masjid and surrounding, that’s also fool then most jamaats are khyaam in road opposite banglae wali masjid now the whole building are empty, I request don’t argument better go & see what happens their, Allah hum sub ku itaayat wali zindagi dey aameen summa aameen

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