Has Maulana Saad spent time (in Jamaat/Path of Allah)?


Has Maulana Saad spent time? According to many authentic sources, Maulana Saad has not spent time in Jamaat other than attending Ijtema/Safar of elders. In Islam, it is not wajib to spend time in Jamaat with Tablighi Jamaat, but if one self proclaims to be the Ameer of the global effort of Tabligh, it is important to spend some time in the Path of Allah to understand this effort.

Ironically, according to Maulana Saad, going for 40 days in Jamaat is Fardh! (See link here). This is incorrect and is against the majority of the Ulema. Yet he has not spent time before.

We are exposing this due to the damage he has done to Tablighi Jamaat, to warn the masses about him.

Side Note: the phrase ‘Path of Allah’ or in Arabic ‘Khurooj Fi Sabeelillah’ in Islam refers to a broader context but when Tablighi Jamaat (or we) use it, it refers to the context of going out in Jamaat for a set number of days as how Tablighi Jamaat prescribes it.

SEE: Why Tablighi Jamaat Split?

Below are 3 proofs and testimonies that Maulana Saad has not spent any time in Jamaat:

#1 – Haji Abdul Wahab’s Testimony

Haji Abdul Wahab, the Amir of Pakistan, testified on 11th November 2017 in Raiwind Ijtema around 500 responsible brothers worldwide. The following is part of a longer bayan:


You people (referring to people of Nizamuddin Markaz) must do Tawbah. All of you don’t go to Nizamuddin (Markaz). Nizamuddin (Markaz) is no longer the same. Nizamuddin is now under the control of those who have not gone out in the Path of Allah (Jamaat). Maulana Saad himself has not spent even 40 days in Jamaat.

Haji Abdul Wahab, Raiwind 2017

The following YouTube Video is proof of this.

Haji Abdul Wahab claims M Saad has not even spent 40 days in Jamaat (Urdu with Indonesian Translation)

It is extremely remote to think that Haji Abdul Wahab is lying. A man of piety who has spent his whole life doing the effort of Tabligh.

It is extremely remote to think that Haji Abdul Wahab is lying

He passed away on the 18th of November 2018. We have written a biography of him here.

#2 – A Mewati Insider’s Testimony – Has Maulana Saad spent time in Jamaat?

According to Chaudhry Amanatullah, a Mewati Insider who was the Shura of Nizamuddin Markaz Madrasah (See his writing here):

He (Maulana Saad) did not spend any time in Jamaat (Path of Allah) and neither did he consider this necessary after his inclusion in the five-member Nizamuddin shura

Chaudhry Amanatullah, Shura of Nizamuddin Madrasah

#3 Maulana Saad’s Khadim: Did Maulana Saad spent time in Jamaat?

Maulana Yasin is Maulana Saad’s Khadim from 1996 to 2013 (17 years). He knows Maulana Saad in and out.

Maulana Yasin Mewati answers has Maulana Saad spent time
Maulana Yasin Mewati

See the following YouTube video link (URDU and MALAY) at 7:43 where he mentions that Maulana Saad has not even spent 1 day in Jamaat.

Maulana Saad has not even spent 1 day in Jamaat

Maulana Yasin (ex-Khadim of Maulana Saad for 17 years)

Maulana Yasin was answering questions from brothers seeking clarification during the Malaysian Sabah Ijtema.


  1. Can you find out where has the usool that only those Ilama who have spent 1 year can do Hayatus Sahaba taleem? I believe M Saad made this up.. if you can give me some reference that would be much appreciated ..

    1. Yes, the 1-year requirement was enacted By Maulana Saad without Mashwara approval. Maulana Saad has not spent much time in the path of Allah. He does not understand the importance of working in a Mashwara. These usool changes are the biggest issue from the point of view of our elders.

  2. Please to put the differences aside & be united.
    What happened was happened, it’s neither under the control of Saad Maulana or any others, please forget the past and remain united as one.
    Dean is very precious, Let’s not say or start arguing and forming groups in favour of Fazail Aamal or Munthahab Hadith arguing that this is better than that or vice versa..
    One thing we cannot ignore Munthahab hadith has small small hadiths and very easy to comprehend, it creates impact in day to day lives, it teaches good things with some incidents of Sahaba Ikraam and emphasize more on peace for all inclusive for other non muslims as well, anyhow it’s just an opinion, nothing else and my opinion has nothing to do anything on this..
    please to remember in your dua for us as well.
    Thank you, Shukran lak
    Jazakullahu Khier

    1. Barakallah Fiik. This issue is not a matter of Fadhail Amaal or Muntakhab.

      It is due to a single person’s actions that have divided the effort. The decision of whether to continue ‘putting up’ with him has crossed several lines:

      – The fatwas that have been issued on him. Can we allow someone that controversial to be the face of Tabligh? (See: 40+ Fatwas on Maulana Saad)

      – The safety of the elders staying in Nizamuddin (See: Nizamuddin’s Bloodshed)

      Hope this clarifies.

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