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Fazail Amal aka Fadhail Amal or Fadhael Aa’maal is a collection of 9 books written by Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammed Zakariyya Khandhlawi (RA) in a span of 35 years (From 1930 to 1965). The book has been the means of guidance and changing of lives of thousands worldwide. Originally written in Urdu, it has now been translated into 31 languages. The nine sub-books / chapters in this book are:

  • Stories of the Sahaba
  • Fazail Salat
  • Fazail Tabligh
  • Fazail Dhikr
  • Fazail Quraan
  • Fazail Ramadan
  • Fazail Durood
  • Fazail Sadaqat
  • Fazail Hajj

The book has been a means of guidance for thousands

It cannot be estimated the level of sincerity with which the book Fazail Amal was written. Fazail Amal has been an encyclopedia of knowledge and lessons for a blissful life, creating a love and respect for Islamic Sharia. The book is a radiant lamp in the hands of those fulfilling the duty of Da’wa. It lights up the road ahead, making all obstacles visible so that one may complete this journey of Da’wa faster. For a scholar, besides providing him with an extensive amount of references in each subject, it is also an aid in understanding the more difficult narrations.

It is not an exaggeration to say that thousands of people have attained Wilaayat / Sainthood through this book

‘Ek aalami awr bynal akwaami kitaab Fazaail A’amaal’ by Moulana Shaahid Sahib Saharanpuri, page 14

Download Fazail Amal (Volume 1)

Fazail Amal volume 1 can be downloaded directly here. It contains:

  • Stories of the Sahaba
  • Fazail Salat
  • Fazail Tabligh
  • Fazail Dhikr
  • Fazail Quraan
  • Fazail Ramadan

Download Fazail Sadaqat (Volume 2)

Fazail Sadaqat can be downloaded directly here.

Download Fazail Hajj

Depending on the publisher, Fazail Hajj is usually included together in Volume 1 of Fazail Amal or provided separately such as follows:

Download Fazail Tijarat

Fazail Tijarat is usually published as a separate book. It can be downloaded directly here:

Download Fazail Durood

As Fazail Durood was the last book written by Maulana Zakariyya, Fazail Durood has always been a separate book, which can be downloaded directly here:

History of Fazail Amal

The writing of the book Fazail Amaal took a span of 35 years. It started in 1930 and was completed in 1965. The reason for this lengthy duration is that the book was never entirely planned out by Maulana Zakariyya (RA). Each section was written at different times on the dying wish and requests from many legendary personalities. It was thus written with full Ikhlas, never to seek fame or name.

The book trails the life and struggles of Maulana Zakariyya from the start of his Da’wa journey, his companionship with Maulana Ilyas, his struggles during the 1947 India-Pakistan conflict, how his actions saved Muslims in India, etc. The book has been a beacon of light and guidance for many people worldwide.

The first book written was Fazail Quran, written at the beginning of Dhul-Hijjah 1348 AH. Maulana Zakariyya was 32 years old at that time.

Maulana Zakariya passed away on 24 May 1982 at Madinah al-Munawarah. He was 84 years old at that time. He was buried in ‘Jannatul Baqi’ the grave of the Sahaba. Many took this as a sign that he was a man of Haq, despite criticisms of his work. Maulana Zakariyya spent his whole life in the service of Deen.

For more details, see our separate article: The Full History of Fazail Amal / Fadhail Amal

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