World Alami Shura Appointment Letter 2015


The following is the World Alami Shura appointment letter of new members following a decision made by the existing World Alami Shura at that time. Haji Abdul Wahab was the Faisal (decision maker) of the meeting.

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For the revival of deen in the whole world by the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Allah Rabbul Izzat rekindled the striving for deen in this era through the personality of Hazratji Maulana Muhammed Ilyas رحمة الله عليه without any apparent resources. The foundation was laid with struggle and sacrifice.

Before his passing away and upon his insistence, through the unanimous decision by Mashwara of convergent thinkers of the time, selected Hazratji Maulana Yusuf رحمة الله عليه as the Zimmedar (or Ameer of Tableegh) who, on the lines of Hazratji Maulana Ilyas رحمة الله عليه and in the light of Qur’an, blessed Hadith, Seerat Nabawi (SAW) and the blessed lives of the noble Sahabah (RA), explained the motives and method of the work. Thus firmly holding the scales of balance, he presented forth the detailed roadmap of the work before the ummah. With this, the work spread throughout the world.

Upon the passing away of Hazratji Maulana Yusuf رحمة الله عليه, Shaykhul Hadith Maulana Muhammed Zakariyya رحمة الله عليه through the mashwara of convergent thinkers ceded the responsibility of this blessed work to Hazratji Maulana Inamul Hasan رحمة الله عليه

He did a lot of work and preserved the Nahaj (methodology) of Tabligh. To guard the Nahaj of the work which was now spread to faraway lands, with the Mashwara of his near ones, he arranged Shuras in different countries.

At some places, an Ameer was made along with the Shura and at some places, a Faisala by turns was arranged from amongst the Shura.

Thus to supervise the work and its progress spreading the entire nation, he constituted a Shura of ten people around himself who under the supervision of Hazratji رحمة الله عليه took all the working Shura & individuals from everywhere under its wings.

After the demise of Hazratji رحمة الله عليه the Shura remained working on the same Nahaj on which the previous three Akabir(Elders) had taken course.

In November 2015, Nizamuddin, Raiwind, Bangladesh and old workers/Zimmedars from different nations felt the need to complete the Shura established by Hazratji رحمة الله عليه of which eight people had passed away and only two remained. The aim was so that the Nahaj and methodology of this work were preserved.

Whenever the need for any additions or corrections was observed, it should be executed through the complete unanimity of the shura, so that collectivity is maintained. No new practices would be initiated either at Nizamuddin, Raiwind or Kakrail without the approval of this Shura.

In the course of the absence of any Shura member (by demise), the Shura then has to fill the void through the consensus of a minimum two third of the Shura. The existence of the Shura (and its number of members) should thus be maintained. This blessed work belongs to the ummah and is a collective responsibility.

After discussions and taking opinions from old workers of every place, this World Alami Shura Appointment, including the names of Haji Abdul Wahhab and Maulana Saad, has added the following names. Insha Allah this Shura in future shall be comprised of 13 individuals.

  1. Maulana Ibrahim Dewla (Nizamuddin)
  2. Maulana Yaqub Saharanpuri (Nizamuddin)
  3. Maulana Ahmed Laat (Nizamuddin)
  4. Maulana Zuhairul Hasan (Nizamuddin)
  5. Maulana Nazrur Rahman (Raiwind)
  6. Maulana Abdur Rahman (Raiwind)
  7. Maulana Ubaidullah Khurshid (Raiwind)
  8. Maulana Zia ul Haq (Raiwind)
  9. Maulana Qari Zubair (Kakrail)
  10. Maulana Rabiul Haque (Kakrail)
  11. Wasiful Islam (Kakrail)

The five members in this World Alami Shura appointment from Nizamuddin will constitute the Shura at Nizamuddin. This Shura shall oversee the general functioning of Nizamuddin through Mashwara.

4th Safar 1437 / 16th November 2015


[End of Letter]

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