Wasiful Islam


Wasiful Islam is the leader of the Maulana Saad Offshoot Faction of Tablighi Jamaat in Bangladesh.

Wasiful Islam
Wasiful Islam

Wasiful Islam Biography

Birth Name – Wasiful Islam
Assumed Name – Syed Wasiful Islam
Gender – Male
Nationality – Bangladeshi
Religion – Islam, Sunni
Profession – Bangladesh Muslim Preacher, Leader of Maulana Saad Offshoot, Bangladesh.

Assalamualaykum Brothers, before reading further, please understand our aim is to preserve the true history of Tabligh. Wasiful Islam has made several distorted claims yet his followers claim him to be a reliable source (See: Wasiful Islam’s Testimony). We are thus presenting his biography. We do not promote hate, and certainly not backbiting. No matter how bad a Muslim is, he is still our Muslim brother. We love and hate only for the sake of Allah. See our article ‘Backbiting vs Warning‘.

Wasiful Islam Early Life – The House of Islam

1958 Photo of the Wasiful Islam’s extended family (House of Islam) in their Dhanmondi Residence, Dhaka. Young Wasiful Islam is standing at the top row in the middle. At the bottom row are Rizwan Islam, Faridul Islam, and Yaseen Islam.

Wasiful Islam came from an elite and high-status family in Bangladesh. Wasiful Islam’s father, Farukh Ahmad Islam was the Chief manager of Norwich Insurance UK. Wasiful Islam’s grandfather was a high-ranking Army Officer Major (Major Ihsanul Haq).

Their family is well-connected politically. All of Farukh Islam’s children have been very successful in their careers. Rezwan Islam is Wasiful Islam’s younger brother and the Managing Director of many big companies. He is the organizer of Miss Universe Bangladesh, a beauty pageant (Youtube Interview – English).

Rezwan Islam – A successful Businessman, managing director of many companies in Bangladesh

Shaikh Faridul Islam is also the founder and managing director of a large shipping company in Bangladesh and is politically active.

Faridul Islam – Politician and Managing Director of a Shipping Company

Yasin Islam lives in the USA and is married to Jennifer Farrell, a white American (Jewish ethnic) lady who has yet to convert to Islam. Jennifer is the founder of Critical Link and is very active in helping poor nations. We pray that she accepts Islam soon. See her Ted talk here.

Yasin Islam, Jennifer Farrell and Son – Lives in the USA

Wasiful Islam Residence


Wasiful Islam currently resides in the Family Heritage Dhanmondi Residence. It is in the heart of Dhaka and is one of the most expensive suburbs where the political and business elites reside.

From Youtube: What happens Inside Wasif’s House in the name of Masturat Taleem

Complaints about Wasiful Islam Embezzling Money

Back in April 2013, a person by the name of Waliul Islam sent an email to Maulana Saad complaining about Wasiful Islam. Waliul Islam is a supporter of Maulana Saad and continues to support him until today (2023). He was also the Chief Engineer for the government and has been active in the work for many years. He has known Wasiful Islam for more than 40 years.

The email was written in English. It was then translated into Urdu for Maulana Saad. Below is the email:

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

To: Hazrat Maulana Saad Saab

Hope Allah (SWT) has kept you all okay and praying for the welfare of Deen. Allah (SWT) kindly allowed me to come to Tablig in 1965. Since then Allah (SWT) has kept me in the service of Tablig and allowed me to visit 20 to 25 countries in both male and Masturat Jamaat. Now a retired Chief Engineer of the Government of Bangladesh, I have visited Nizamuddin about 20 times (Alhamdulillah). Being helpless in seeking Allah (SWT) for his kindness, I am informing you regarding Wasiful Islam of Kakrail, Dhaka. I could have spoken to you regarding Wasif on many occasions in the past but I always have remained silent. But now finding no other alternative, I have to inform you:

  1. I had done business with Wasif when he did not repay many brothers’ debt (witness Nasim Sahab, Eunus Sahab & Sheik Nur Muhammad Sahab, Shura, Bangladesh; Hafizur Rahman, Retired Deputy Governor, Bangladesh Central Bank)
  2. I have recently spoken with a Jeddah brother who informed me that he had handed over 2 Lakh Riyals (about USD $50,000) to Wasiful Islam for the service of Kakrail. However, the Kakrail Accounts have not received anything.
  3. Wasiful Islam’s wife has been collecting money from hundreds of ladies for Kakrail by which he purchases people of Kakrail to work on his behalf.
  4. If anyone gives any opinion that does not satisfy him (Wasiful Islam), he tends to take action against that person. Such as no Amaal would be given to him and other punishments are given to that person.
  5. Regarding putting Harun in police custody, I have 5/7 witnesses that Wasiful Islam and his agents were directly involved.
  6. Regarding sending police to the house of Siraj of Dhanmondi when an Arab (Egypt) Masturat Jamat was in his house (police were informed that a terrorist group has come). The Son of Wasiful Islam is involved since 2 months before, Siraj left Wasiful Islam’s house after 14 years of close intimacy.
  7. I visited the USA with a Masturat Jamat in 1979 with Haji Abdul Mukit Sahab and Wasiful Islam Sahab. So, I have hundreds of evidence regarding Wasif Sahab’s activities. As a result, Haji Abdul Mukit Sahab stopped Masturat Taleem at Wasiful Islam’s house. After the death of Haji Abdul Mukit Sahab, Wasiful Islam started the weekly Taleem in his house without Mashwara.

Kindly make dua for us and take any possible action as you kindly deem fit. My earnest request to you is not to send this letter back to Kakrail to avoid further enmity.


Waliul Islam, Bangladesh

Many have complained about Wasiful Islam embezzling Kakrail’s Donation

In January 2014, it was reported in the news that about 50 Tablighi Jamaat members had reported Wasiful Islam for embezzling Kakrail Majid’s money in the amount of millions of US Dollars.

The new portal also reported that Ayub Abdul Quader, a Tablighi Jamaat member also complained that those who spoke against Wasiful Islam were taken to the Mashwara room of the Masjid and beaten.

Source: https://bangla.bdnews24.com/bangladesh/article731847.bdnews

Wasiful Islam

Wasiful Islam has been collecting “questionable” donations worldwide on behalf of Kakrail Markaz.

Wasiful Islam has allegedly been organising collections for large sums of money worldwide in the name of Tablighi Jamaat and Kakrail Masjid. Such a move is against the principles of Tabligh and would have never been approved.

It has been reported in the news that a friend close to one of the Shuras of Tablighi Jamaat said on condition of anonymity, “(A man by the name of) Mirza Abdul Karim Sahab told me that he gave Wasiful Islam $5,000 USD for the Kakrail Markaz. But we (Kakrail Markaz), never got any amount of that money. This money was allegedly embezzled by Wasiful Islam and his son Usama. No one was told anything about this.

Source: https://ekhon24.com/

Mirza Abdul Karim’s statement is available on Youtube:

Wasiful Islam’s Political Connections

It is a written rule that the activities of Tablighi Jamaat are not to be mixed with politics. This rule is more applied to the leaders of Tablighi Jamaat as their personal lives and opinions indirectly represent Tabligh. Although there is nothing Haraam in Islam to make political judgements, it is not befitting and has never been the case for any Tablighi Jamaat Elders to do so. Such activities damage the sanctity of the work of Da’wah.

In the Daily Star newspaper, it has been assumed that Wasiful Islam has been making political commentaries and has contributed articles to newspapers regarding his political views.

It’s just a personal feeling, but if Sheikh Hasina decides to reinstate the caretaker government provision, peace and tranquility may return.”

Wasiful Islam, writing political opinions as an “Elder” of Tabligh, Daily Star April 17, 2013

In another article, the following writing can be seen:

Excuse me? Are these the same MPs with a holier than thou attitude, who deprived the exchequer of Tk.1,000 crore of custom duties? Are these the same MPs who by turn stay away from parliament but religiously collect their pay and abnormally lavish fringe benefits

Wasiful Islam, writing political opinions as an “Elder” of Tabligh, Daily Star Feb 28, 2013

Wasiful Islam’s Testimony

Wasiful Islam is known to be one of the sources that defends Maulana Saad’s claim as the new Ameer of Tabligh.

One of his key claims was that Maulana Saad is the rightfully chosen Ameer as a line of succession was agreed upon in the 1995 Mashwara. Many of his explanations are based on a distorted premise, or in simple words wrong fabricated facts.

To read more about his claims, see: Wasiful Islam’s Testimony

Mufti Usama Islam

Mufti Usama Islam is Wasiful Islam’s son.

Birth Name – Usama Islam
Other Names – Osama Islam
Assumed Name – Mufti Usama Islam
Father – Wasiful Islam
Grand Father – Farouq Islam
Gender – Male
Nationality – Bangladeshi
Religion – Islam, Sunni
Profession – Islamic Scholar, self-proclaimed Mufti
Official Youtube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iHJO9rFmJtwxTU3eg1SuQ

Usama Islam (Wasiful Islam son)

Some say Usama Islam is not a Mufti

A Mufti is one of the most revered titles in Islamic Scholarship. A Mufti, due to his extensive knowledge is officially qualified to give a legal verdict (Fatwa) in Islam.

According to Mufti Mansurul Haque from Mohammadpur Madrasa, Usama Islam is an unqualified, self-proclaimed Mufti. According to him, Usama did not study properly in his Madrasa and failed most of his exams. The following video is his testimony in Bangla.

Usama Islam claims it’s permissible to celebrate Pohela Boishakh

In 2018, Mufti Abul Khair Muhammad Azizullah criticised and filed a report on Usama Islam for claiming that it is permissible for Muslims to celebrate the Hindu fused Festival Pohela Boishakh.

Pohela Boishakh (Bengali: পহেলা বৈশাখ), is the first day of the Bengali calendar, where a festival is celebrated on 14 April in Bangladesh and 15 April in India by Bengalis.

Pohela Boishakh Celebration in Dhaka. It is permissible to celebrate it according to Usama Islam

Source (Bangla): ourislam24.net

Source (English Google Translation): www-ourislam24-net.translate.goog


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