Raiwind Markaz

Raiwind Markaz is a large complex that houses a main Masjid, large dormitory-like accommodations for attendees, a Darul Uloom (Islamic School), and residential areas for Muqeems (long-term settlers). It is located in Raiwind city, near Lahore, Pakistan. It is considered the most prominent centre for the Global Tablighi Jamaat movement, as it receives the most foreign guests throughout the year. Other prominent Markaz are the Kakrail Markaz (in Bangladesh), Faiz Elahi Markaz (In India), and Nerul Markaz (In India).

The famous Nizamuddin Markaz is no longer connected with mainstream Tablighi Jamaat as it was taken over by Maulana Saad‘s offshoot faction during a continuous purge since 2015 and the peak on 13 Ramadhan 2016 (June 2016) (See: Nizamuddin Bloodshed – The day our elders left).

It attracts many people to its yearly gathering, including international visitors. About 10,000 to 20,000 visitors with 400 muqeems (long-term residents) are always present at any given time. Due to a large number of attendees, Raiwind Markaz has its own roti (Bread) Factory which is capable of producing 60,000 pieces of bread daily

Raiwind Markaz Roti Factory
Raiwind Markaz Roti Factory


Raiwind Markaz, 765C+2VJ, Lahore Rd, Raiwind, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

History of Raiwind Markaz and Raiwind Ijtema

Raiwind Markaz was established around the 1940s. On the 13th of March 1948, Raiwind Markaz was officially made the centre for Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan.

The famous Haji Abdul Wahab was sent by Maulana Yusuf (the second Amir of Tablighi Jamaat) to migrate to Pakistan in 1947 during the India-Pakistani Conflict. He was 25 years old at that time. It was said that he was one of the few survivors of a refugee train massacre during his migration to Pakistan.

Muslims Fleeing India were massacred (example)

It is noted that the first Ijtema in Pakistan was conducted on the 26th of December 1947 in Karachi, not in Raiwind.

In 1952, Haji Miyaji Abdullah Mewati donated a large piece of land 5 km from Raiwind Markaz. On the 10th of April 1954, the land was used as the venue for the first-ever Raiwind Ijtema. In 1985, an additional 150 acres of land was purchased to further expand the Ijtema area.

In 2006, due to the increasing number of attendees, the Raiwind Ijtema had to be done in 2 phases. The second Ijtema was conducted 3 days after the first Ijtema.

The Haweli Building: Global Tablighi Jamaat Shura Meeting

Due to the inability of Pakistanis to travel to India, and the fact that all senior elders of Tablighi Jamaat were present during the annual Raiwind Ijtemas, the highest Global Tablighi Jamaat Shura Mashwara (meeting) has always been conducted after the Raiwind Ijtema annually. The Mashwara is usually conducted at Haweli, a building where all the senior elders are housed during the Ijtema.

A lot of the historic decisions for Tablighi Jamaat were made during these Mashwara such as:

  • The establishment of the Global Shura concept in 1983
  • The appointment of Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab (70 years age at that time) as the Amir of Pakitan in 1992.
  • The appointment of 11 new global shura (Aalami Shura) members in 2015
Haweli Stage
Haweli Stage (Haji Abdul Wahab and Maulana Ibrahim sitting)
Haweli Meeting Room
Haweli main Mashwara Room
Haweli Rooms
Haweli Markaz Room (In Picture: Maulana Ahmad Laat)

Raiwind Markaz Administration

The Amir (Leader) of Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan has always resided in Raiwind Markaz. The following were the Amirs of Pakistan:

  • Muhammad Shafi Qureshi, the First Amir of Pakistan.
  • Haji Muhammad Basheer
  • Haji Abdul Wahab. Appointed in 1992 at the of age 70
Hj Abdul Wahab Sahab of Raiwind Markaz
Haji Abdul Wahab
  • Maulana Nazrur Rehman. Became the de-facto leader in 2018 at the age of 90
Maulana Nazrur Rehman of Raiwind Markaz
Maulana Nazrur Rehman

Haji Abdul Wahab passed away on the 18th of November 2018 at the age of 96. Maulana Nazrur Rehman (age 90 at that time) led the funeral prayers of Haji Abdul Wahab. He has been considered the highest authority for Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan since.

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Raiwind Markaz Photos

Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid
Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid Outside
Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid Outside
Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid Inside
Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid Basement
Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid Basement
Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid Inside
Raiwind Markaz Main Masjid Inside
Raiwind Markaz Darul Uloom (Madrasa)
Raiwind Markaz Darul Uloom (Madrasa) Back
Raiwind Markaz Darul Uloom (Madrasa) Front
Raiwind Markaz Darul Uloom (Madrasa) Front
Raiwind Markaz Toilet Block
Raiwind Markaz Toilet Block
Raiwind Markaz Store
Raiwind Markaz Store

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  1. What’s going on very soon this matter will be investigate again. Who are playing with Islam those peoples should be watch out.

  2. My son Ibraheem Abdullah Akhtar came two days ago from Brownstown, Michigan, USA. I’m his father Wassem Akhtar. We are trying to contact him from his USA WhatsApp number but no response. We are worrying about his welfare. His record must be available in the list of guests who came from USA. Please check and tell him to contact us. Shukran and Jazakallah…

    1. Assalamualaykum br Ibraheem, there are almost 2 million people sharing a single network tower during Raiwind Ijtema, so the signal is very bad there. Also, there is no convenient charging point for cell phone, so his phone battery must have died. Worst case he may have lost his phone.

      But rest assured, the Raiwind Ijtema is a highly secure place and his is in good company. It is finishing today and will be moving to a different masjid where he can charge his phone or make contact.

      InshaAllah, we will ask around. Please email us your Contact to admin@tablighi-jamaat.com

  3. Asalam o alikum mery abu b idr 40 din k liye gy hain un se b koi contact nae ho pa raha plzzzz un k bary main agr pata chl jy k wo thk hain wazir hussain name hy un ka.

  4. Before Raiwind Ijtema, the only example of Muslims travelling to a particular place, for a fix number of days, and all Muslim present at that venue will be doing same activities on day 1 to last day of that ritual was HAJ.

    your Raiwind Ijtema has become Haj for Tablighis. Nauz billah.

    Earlier you replaced Quran with Fazael e Aamal and now you have replaced Haj with Raiwind Ijtema.
    Your counterparts in Bangladesh and India have also created alternative to Haj.

    Allah tum logon ko hidayat ata kare.

    1. We do not know where this comment is coming from. If you want to critisize Jamaat at this level, are you using the same yardstick to criticize other movements, especially the movement you ascribe to?

      The main point is no where has Raiwind (or Nizamuddin for that matter) claim their place as the new place of Hajj.

      If you argue on the mere fact that just because we go there frequently, ergo you assume that we have made that a new place of Hajj, then, let’s not talk about about Islamic movements, what about your wordly careers where people ascribe to, or go to a certain headquarters, events, functions or ceremonies frequently?

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