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Maulana Tariq Jamil is one of the most famous Muslim Scholars in the world due to the number of followers he has on social media. He emphasizes unity of the work through the Shura and that Maulana Saad refused to work collectively. Below is an excerpt of his speech translated into English.

Speech in Udru (Audio):

English Translation:

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace and blessings be upon His noble Messenger and upon his family and companions.

Greetings. Many questions are coming in from various places. Colleagues are asking whether a council (Shura) has been established in the Raiwind Ijtema or not. There are many questions arising about this. It has also been heard from some places that no Shura has been formed, and no type of Shura has been established. I want to clarify a bit about this because I was involved in all these events from beginning to end.

For a long time, the people of Nizamuddin have been requesting Haji Sahab to form a Shura, similar to the one that Hazrat Ji (may Allah have mercy on him) had established, which originally had ten members who gradually passed away. There was a repeated request from the people of Nizamuddin to complete this council, as the unity and the blessings of Allah lie in collective decisions and mutual consultation (Shura).

Thus, during the Raiwind Ijtema, the people of Nizamuddin again requested Haji Sahab to complete it because the work done by an individual is different from the work done collectively with responsibility. Consequently, Haji Sahab, who is a very valuable asset to us, being the only person in the world who has had the company of Maulana Ilyas Sahib, Maulana Yusuf Sahib (may Allah have mercy on them), and Maulana Inam Sahib, was approached.

Haji Sahab, with a deep understanding and wisdom of the invitation (Da’wah), then established a council after the first congregation in Raiwind on Monday, where the importance of unity and Shura was discussed, and some names were proposed. Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Sahib was encouraged to start the discussion, which led to a heated and noisy exchange, and the meeting ended without any result.

Subsequently, the old members of Nizamuddin and Raiwind gathered, prepared a written proposal with some suggested names, and presented it to Haji Sahab, who approved it and signed it with his own hands. This proposal was then presented to Maulana Saad, who rejected it, stating that he did not find it satisfactory. Despite discussing with him two or three times, including once when I was present, he firmly rejected it.

The matter was then presented to Haaji Sahib, who summoned everyone, had the document signed by the members of the Pakistan Shura as well, and copies were sent to different regions. Thus, this Shura was established. Last night, I was also with Haji Sahab in Raiwind, where he reiterated that he had established the Shura, and it is the same Shura originally formed by Maulana Inam Sahib (may Allah have mercy on him), which has now been completed as many members have passed away.

It is important for all the colleagues to unite and work together because the blessings and mercy of Allah SWT lie in unity, not in individuality. All these events happened in front of my eyes, and I participated in almost every meeting, which lasted several hours, where many problems due to the absence of the council were discussed. The lack of a Shura was causing significant discord worldwide, dividing people into two parts.

To address this discord and division, Allah SWT inspired Haaji Sahib to establish this Shura. As I participated in all these meetings, it is inappropriate to say that such a Shura was not formed. I request all colleagues worldwide to unite under this collective system, suppress their individuality, and remain with this unified system. The hand of Allah SWT is with the group, and He has given us a beautiful system. May Allah grant us all the ability to unite under it.

An individual stands firm with the nation’s connection; alone, they are nothing. A wave is significant in the sea but nothing outside it, just a few drops of water. So, may Allah grant us the ability to unite and work together.

I just wanted to clarify a bit that, by the grace of Allah, this Shura has been completed, with two existing members, Maulana Saad and Haji Sahib, who were strengthened by including other members from Nizamuddin, Kakrail, and Pakistan. Now, the entire world should unite and work with this Shura. May Allah grant us all the ability to unite under this system. Peace and blessings be upon you all.

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