Maulana Saad criticizes Musa (AS) for leaving Dawah for Ibadah

On 13th December 2016 during a Fajr Bayan, Maulana Saad says (in Urdu):


Translated in English:

Dawah being left out is certainly a cause of Ummah’s deviation. The Ulama have written that leaving out calling others towards Allah is a cause of misguidance. The exegetes have even written that Musa (AS) left his people behind and went alone to gain the pleasure of Allah and make him happy by being engaged in Ibadat. Allah asked him:

What made you hasten, O Musa!” (Sura Ta-Ha: 83). Musa (AS) replied “They were left behind, and I hastened ahead to please you.”

Listen very carefully! Allah said to Musa (AS): “O Musa (alaihis salam)! We have afflicted your people with tribulation and trial behind you.” The Ulama have written that the reason for this was that Musa (AS) left his people behind instead of bringing them with him. Musa (AS) spent forty nights in ibadah. It is Allah’s greatness that from 600000 people of the Bani Israeel, all of who were upon Hidayah, 588000 went astray within the small duration of forty nights. Musa (AS) had only left the work of dawah for forty nights. I say with understanding that because Musa (AS) left dawah for only forty nights, and he remained engrossed in ibadah, in this period 588,000 people of the Bani Israeel all started worshipping the calf.

This dangerous statement is a direct criticism of a great prophet such as Musa (AS). From Ml Saad’s explanation, it appears that Musa (AS) left the effort of Dawah out of his own accord; to fulfill his own passion for worshiping Allah SWT in seclusion. He blamed Musa (AS) for Bani Israeel becoming embroiled in shirk.

However, the Ulema have pointed out that in Holy Quran itself Allah SWT commanded Musa (AS) to go to mount Tur and instructed him to bring some people of his ummah, Bani Israeel, with him. He was commanded to spend forty nights on Mount Tur. Musa (AS) set out with some individuals to fulfill the command of Allah and he instructed Harun (AS) when leaving saying:

You are to be my deputy and substitute during my absence. Keep all affairs in order and do not follow those who create disruption (Sura Al Ar’raf 7:142)

The explanation given by Maulana Saas is that Musa (AS) left his people behind instead of bringing them with him. Thereafter, he left the work of dawah for the duration of forty nights by indulging in ibadah. As a result, 588,000 people of Bani Israeel became engrossed in shirk and started worshipping the calf.

Mufti Abdul Malek, a renowned scholar of Bangladesh mentions:

Let us think for a moment! Is the statement made by Maulana Saad an objection upon Musa (AS) alone, or is it also an objection upon the command that was given to Musa (alaihis salam) by Allah? It is also objection upon the commandment of Allah! This cannot be considered an ordinary error. Rather, it is a grave and severe error. This statement disrespects the status of a Prophet and dishonors his rank. Whether this statement was made due to mere unmindfulness or not, the result is the same. It is an objection upon the commandment of Allah. He stated that the only reason for 588,000 people of the Bani Isreel going astray was because Musa (alaihis salam) left the work of dawah! Na’udhubillah, may Allah protect us.

Allah SWT had commanded Musa (AS) to go to Mount Tur for forty nights. He went in obedience to the command of Allah. However, Maulana Saad sahib says that he left the effort of dawah by doing so. Let me give an example so we can understand the matter more clearly. Does a person give dawah when it is time for fardh salah? Is it permissible for a person to leave fardh salah and make the effort of dawah? No, because the command of Allah at that particular moment is to pray salah. So how can it be said that Musa (AS) left the effort of dawah by going to Mount Tur upon the command of Allah? Dawah and dawah-related activities take place outside the times of fardh salah. Jawlah is done after Asr and bayaan takes place after Maghrib. In this same manner, Musa (AS) went to Mount Tur because of the obligatory command of Allah. However, it seems that Maulana Saad sahib feels that the effort of dawah must be carried out even if it means leaving an obligatory command. It is just like saying that a person should give dawah even if it means leaving Zuhr prayer. It will take 10-12 minutes for you to pray, whereas if you give da‟wah then in that time it is possible that a person learns the importance of Salah.

Maulana Saad sahib is insinuating that Musa (AS) left the work of dawah and Bani Israeel went astray as a result. He is blaming a Prophet of Allah. On the other hand, Allah is saying in the Qur’an that it was a test from him and the apparent cause of their misguidance was the individual named Samiriy.


  1. Jazakallah khair to the founder of this account, we pray that Ml Saad will return back to the old system of work and join back the sinor Ulama and the Aalmi Tabligh shura befor he pass away may Allah guide him to come back by the power of Allah Amein. Elder sab as for me even if my email address is published out no problem, no one will do noting to me i am from pujehun town, pujehun district, southern region, sierra leone, west africa. Bro Shuaib sabirin musa sahaba tabein conteh 40 days worker also responsible brother from pujehun district. Wasalam!!!

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