Maulana Shamim Ahmad Nizamuddin


Maulana Shamim is Maulana Saad’s key supporter. He is known to travel all over the world coercing people to accept Maulana Saad as their leader. Since it is inappropriate for Maulana Saad to speak about himself directly or asking others to obey him as the Ameer, he uses such people to do so.

Maulana Shamim Biography

Name – Maulana Shamim Ahmad Azmi
Real Name – Shamim Ahmad
Birthday – 20 June 1951
Place of BirthAzamgarh, Uttar Pradesh (UP)
Age – 72 Years (as of March 2024)
Gender – Male
Nationality – Indian
Religion – Islam, Sunni
Profession – Indian Muslim scholar, Maulana Saad’s Key Henchmen.

Maulana Shamim
Maulana Shamim’s Signature

Analysis of Maulana Shamim’s Incorrect Speech

In the next section, a full transcript of Maulana Shamim’s speech in Malaysia on December 2016 is given. This speech seems well-engineered in an attempt to coerce people to accept Maulana Saad as the Ameer. A lot of information are however incorrect and misrepresented.

Our analysis on the distorted facts are as follows:

  • Maulana Shamim claims that the Nizamuddin Shura is above the World Shura.
    This claim is wrong as thousands of witnesses have seen the World Shura having a higher authority than the Nizamuddin Shura in many occassions when they convene their Mashwaras openly. Many have observed who the decision-makers were at the World Mashwaras (meetings). It was hardly the Nizamuddin Shura. In fact, most of the time it was Mufti Zainal Abidin, Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan, or Haji Abdul Wahhab who would be the decision maker. All of them were members of the World Shura but not the Shura of Nizamuddin.
  • Maulana Shamim claims that since Maulana Saad is the last standing Nizamuddin Shura, he automatically becomes the new Ameer
    For this to be true, the former (previous fact) needs to be true first. On top of that, Maulana Shamim fails to mention about the 1995 agreement which Maulana Saad himself agreed there be no more Ameer but a Shura instead. Thus so, Maulana Saad is going against his own oath, declaring himself to be the Ameer without being ratified by the Shura.
  • Maulana Shamim claims that the (expanded) World Shura is invalid since Maulana Saad did not approve it
    This is an absurd claim. The way Mashwaras (meetings) work is that there is a Faisal (decision maker) who hears the opinion of members and decides after considering them. The expansion of the World Shura (Alami Shura) was decided by Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab who was the Faisal (decision maker) at that time.
  • Maulana Shamim claims that Haji Abdul Wahab did not approve Muntakhab Ahadith because his writing was not included in it
    This is clear slander and there is no proof of it. This speech alone makes Maulana Shamim someone untrustworthy for propagating a big lie in front of a large audeience. Even if it is true, and Haji Abdul Wahab clearly disapproved Muntakhab Ahadith during Mashwara, what gives Maulana Saad the right to defy Mashwara and continue propagating the book?

Maulana Shamim Bayan at Sri Petaling Markaz, Malaysia

The following is a transcript of Maulana Shamim’s Bayan in Sri Petaling Markaz, Malaysia – DECEMBER 7, 2016. This has been the most propagated defense of Maulana Saad.

Maulana Shamim’s Bayan in Sri Petaling Markaz, Malaysia – DECEMBER 7, 2016

[Start of Speech]

Purely by the grace and mercy of ALLAH SWT, ALLAH SWT has bestowed upon us a great effort, a noble endeavour, the first-century effort of preaching. It is not we who have placed ourselves in this endeavour, but ALLAH SWT who has chosen us and placed us within it. Whomever ALLAH SWT wills, He selects, and makes steadfast, and through them, religion spreads, and people are guided. When ALLAH SWT wills, how He wills to set someone aside, He will do so at any time, and this will not harm ALLAH SWT nor diminish His treasures in the slightest.

Never let it come into our hearts that this effort proceeds by MY struggle, by MY knowledge, by MY sacrifice because when this thought enters our hearts, we will fall from the sight of ALLAH SWT. ALLAH SWT does not want this effort to be attributed to any individual, with the sacrifices of someone, with the wealth of someone, with the speeches of someone, with the knowledge of someone. Instead, it is ALLAH SWT who moves this effort and will always do so. This effort is solely attributed to ALLAH SWT. Therefore, at every moment, we should feel needy towards this effort. ALLAH SWT is Ever-Living, Self-Sustaining, who moves this effort.

We must believe that it is ALLAH SWT who maintains this effort, who moves this effort. Those who do not feel that it is they who move this effort, not feeling so because of their sacrifice, then ALLAH SWT will place His love in the hearts of people for them and will honour them in the hearts of people. If someone feels that the effort moves by their sacrifice, by their speech, or by their knowledge, then ALLAH SWT will do one of two things: either He will remove the effects of this person’s speech/sacrifice or remove the person from this effort. Until everyone believes that it is ALLAH SWT who moves this effort. ALLAH SWT does not like to see this work connected with anyone. ALLAH SWT only wants this effort to be attributed to Him.

In this effort, ALLAH SWT likes sacrifice. What is sacrifice? A person who sacrifices for the sake of sacrifice but does not feel anything for himself, then ALLAH SWT will take the service of religion from him. On the other hand, when someone makes sacrifice after sacrifice and it comes into his heart that the work moves with his sacrifice and he mentions his sacrifices and starts to feel that he has done a favour to people, then at that time, he will become despicable in the sight of ALLAH SWT, and ALLAH SWT will belittle him.

During the Battle of Badr, there was a person who made so many sacrifices, fought the enemies, broke the enemy ranks, and killed many enemies. Many praised and thought he had done a great favour/service to the religion, they narrated his bravery, but (on the contrary) Prophet SAW said he was of the people of Hell. Why is this so? People do not know what is in his heart, what was his spirit in fighting, what zeal he carried. Only ALLAH SWT knows. ALLAH SWT revealed to Prophet SAW what was in his heart. In his heart were two things, he wanted to be recognized for his bravery and in his heart, there was no patience in enduring hardship. He was severely injured and killed himself. Never once should we mention the sacrifices and favours we have made for people. This is the last attack of Satan.

Therefore, no matter how much we sacrifice, we should never have a sense of self-importance, or arrogance. Instead, we should always have the quality of humility. The spread of religion, the advancement of religion, is by the means of the sacrifice of Prophet SAW. What the companions gained from the goodness of religion is by the sacrifice of Prophet SAW. Even at the event of the conquest of Mecca, Prophet SAW came with 10,000 soldiers, Prophet SAW entered with humility to the extent that Prophet SAW’s chest touched the hump of the camel. Entering with humility. The humility of Prophet SAW at that time had never existed before and would not exist until the day of judgment.

In the hereafter, all the Prophets AS will be held accountable, but Prophet SAW will not be held accountable. Prophet SAW enters with full humility. The words that Prophet SAW read during the conquest of Mecca are a lesson for the ummah until the day of judgment, no matter how much you sacrifice until Allah gives light in the heart of every person, still, all of us must return it to ALLAH SWT. There is no god but ALLAH SWT, ALLAH is One, HE is the Helper, HE is the One who Defeats all enemies with His power. Prophet SAW denies what He has done but attributes it only to ALLAH SWT.

Prophet SAW has taught a great thing. For those who deny all the sacrifices they have made, then arrogance will not come into their hearts. We are not capable of doing anything. It is ALLAH SWT who does everything. The outcome comes from ALLAH SWT. People like this will receive the acceptance of ALLAH SWT. ALLAH SWT will accept his sacrifice. Those who say they did (this & that), then will be despicable in the sight of people.

In this era, ALLAH SWT has chosen a person who, in appearance, is very weak, very thin, and has many diseases. Descendant of a noble lineage, a noble family, a family of great scholars, but since childhood, his life has been very simple, and humble, likes to serve, noble manners and qualities.

From a young age, the public and scholars said he was a person of ALLAH. Until his mother said, from the body of Ilyas, I can smell the fragrance of the Sahaba RA. He learned from great scholars in India. All scholars loved him. After studying, he taught in Saharanpur.

His father, Maulana Ismail RAH was a very great person of ALLAH. Very famous in India, and whatever he prayed for would be granted. Many people came in line to ask for prayers from him. Because he was afraid that too many people were coming, he ran away and came to the forest in Nizamuddin. Then he went to Masjid Banglawali. There, he saw people from Mewat, poor people coming to Delhi to earn wages. Earned a wage of 2 Paisa (2 cents). He invited them to the mosque taught them the Kalimah and gave them 2 Paisa. Every day he taught, provided food, and gave wages. Gradually a madrasah was formed. His students were people from Mewat. This effort began with sacrifice.

After Maulana Ismail RAH passed away, people from Mewat went to Shahranpur to look for a replacement. They found the brother of Maulana Ilyas RAH, Maulana Muhammad RAH. Maulana Zakaria RAH is the son of Maulana Muhammad RAH. Maulana Muhammad RAH agreed to go to Nizamuddin to teach the people of Mewat. After Maulana Muhammad RAH passed away, Maulana Ilyas RAH then came to Nizamuddin to teach. His way of teaching was amazing.

The thoughts and concerns of Maulana Ilyas RAH were how to reform (improve) this ummah. How 100% of the ummah can practice religion. How the ummah can come to the mosque? How in the hearts of the ummah there is love for religion. How in the hearts of this ummah there is the concern of Prophet SAW. These are the thoughts and concerns that are always in the mind of Maulana Ilyas RAH. He always prayed to ALLAH SWT. Everyone else sleeps, he went to the middle of the forest in Nizamuddin and cried all night long to ALLAH SWT.

Then ALLAH SWT opened the effort of preaching to him. ALLAH SWT taught him how to do preaching. ALLAH SWT opened the wisdom to do preaching. So many ways of preaching were given to him by ALLAH SWT that he was not able to tell us even 1/3 of it because Maulana Ilyas stammered. A single word was very hard to come out of his mouth. It was very hard to teach. But he was very earnest. Willing to sacrifice. Always busy with his students. He prepared students to do preaching efforts, on how to unite this ummah.

He started the effort of gasht (visiting from door to door). With gasht, new people started coming to the mosque. More and more people came to pray in the mosque. He was so happy. He was grateful to ALLAH SWT. He prayed earnestly to ALLAH SWT so that this effort continued to advance. He took the students to Mewat to start the preaching effort there. People started getting attracted to this effort.

After that, Maulana Ilyas RAH went to meet with great scholars in India. He presented to them the effort he had made. At that time, the great scholar was Mufti Kifayatullah Rah. Other scholars were Maulana Hussin RAH, Maulana Ahmad Madani RAH, Maulana Abdul Rashid Gangohi RAH, Maulana Shah Raipuri RAH, and many more true scholars present.

He explained the work to them. If it conforms to the Sunnah, please help and pray. If not, here I will stop. They all said this effort is very good. It conforms to the Sunnah of Prophet SAW. But how are people going to do it? Maulana Ilyas RAH said, to do that is my job and the one who will move people to work is ALLAH SWT. Our job, how we are told, that’s what we do. Do not follow our minds. Do not be affected by the atmosphere of our place. Do not look at the benefits of our minds. We do as our elders tell us to do. As they say, so we do. As much as they tell us to do, that much we do. To move, advance, make steadfast, that is the work of ALLAH SWT.

Alhamdulillah, this effort has begun to spread. Maulana Ilyas RAH went and performed Hajj in Makkah al Mukarramah. He gathered all the great scholars in Makkah. He asked, why is the ummah today becoming more dishonourable and less religious. What’s the reason?

Some scholars said, that because of the lack of knowledge, because of the lack of wealth, etc. But Maulana Ilyas refuted all these reasons by narrating the condition of the companions. All the scholars were silent. Maulana Ilyas said, there is only one reason that the conviction that was in the hearts of the companions no longer exists in the hearts of the ummah today. Not because the actions are less, not because the knowledge is less, not because the wealth is less, not because the numbers are less. Rather, what is lacking is the conviction that the companions ra learned from Prophet SAW and they strived together with Prophet SAW. All the scholars from around the world at that time agreed with Maulana Ilyas. He presented the preaching effort he had undertaken. They said this effort is a true effort and of course, we will help.

Remove from ourselves that this effort is from Nizamuddin. This effort conforms to the Sunnah of Prophet SAW. Maulana Ilyas started this effort in Nizamuddin that’s why we attribute this effort to Nizamuddin. This effort is not Nizamuddin’s, not Raiwind’s, not Kakrail’s, not Malaysia’s, but this effort is the effort of His Majesty SAW. Every part/act in this preaching effort conforms to the Sunnah of Prophet SAW.

Therefore, until death, we must do this effort. This is not a job for only 4 months, not just for 40 days, but 4 months, 40 days, 10 days, and 3 days are only to learn (this effort). But we must do it for our entire lives. In this effort, we do not want the position, we do not want glory, we do not want wealth, we do not want the majority, we do not want government rule, we do not want power, we do not want anything from this world. We only want ALLAH SWT alone.

Remember, Allah does not give glory to those who make an effort, Allah does not give wealth, Allah does not give position, but Allah will give His essence to those who make an effort. Those who place Allah, His Messenger, and the hereafter in front of them, are the people who will truly make an effort. Those who are not sincere, then they are in danger. Because the position in this effort comes through sacrifice and struggle. Allah has placed Prophets and Messengers from the beginning to the end in struggle. The one who struggles the most, sacrifices the most, and endures the most hardship is Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Great hardships came to Him SAW for 3 consecutive days without getting food. The stomach was touching the backbone. Always in a state of hunger. A very difficult situation. Then Jibreel ‘alaihis salam came. Prophet SAW said, O Jibreel AS you come when I have not eaten for 3 days.

Suddenly they heard something heavy/big fall with a very loud thump. Prophet SAW was startled. Prophet SAW asked Jibreel AS, has the Resurrection occurred? Jibreel AS said but not yet the Resurrection. Jibreel AS said, you have shown your hunger and hardship to me causing ALLAH SWT not to like it. ALLAH SWT sent a special angel to you. An angel who has never descended to earth. This is the first time he descended. The loud sound earlier was the sound of the arrival of that angel. The angel came in front of Prophet SAW and gave greetings and conveyed greetings from ALLAH SWT to His beloved. ALLAH SWT asked, what kind of prophethood do you want? Prophethood with wealth, prophethood with power, prophethood with kingdom, then make a decision now. Prophet SAW made the work with Mashwara.

Remember, in our preaching effort, we must tie ourselves to Mashwara. Whatever we want to do, we must do Mashwara. Do not be free. If you do religious work without Mashwara, even if the work is great, it will not become a source of glory but will become a source of disgrace. In this effort, it’s not about someone’s intelligence. Do not make tricks. This effort from beginning to end is sacrifice.

Prophet SAW had 4 ministers with whom Prophet SAW always did Mashwara. Two in heaven and two on earth. Jibreel AS and Mikaeel AS were in heaven. Abu Bakar and Umar RA was on the earth. These are the 4 special council members of His Majesty. If an emergency comes, we make Mashwara with whoever is available and then convey it to others. Need to tell others. If not tell others, Satan will insert doubts in the heart.

Today, without us attending Mashwara and making decisions, all tricks and propaganda are being spread on the Internet/Whatsapp/Facebook media. Will the hearts be united or divided? Can we achieve unity or not? At Nizamuddin, not a single thing is sent through the Internet/Whatsapp/Facebook. Those who do so because they want to break the unity/cohesion that exists in (Markaz) Nizamuddin. I ask you gentlemen not to believe whatever news about Nizamuddin that is on the Internet, WhatsApp, and Facebook until you investigate the matter with Nizamuddin.

The best thing is to go there ourselves and see with our own eyes what is happening there. When you have seen for yourself, then you will forget all the suspicions that are in your head. There is no fighting there. Work goes on as usual as before. Some people want to be famous and put false news, and slander in the media.

This effort is ALLAH SWT’s effort. ALLAH SWT will protect it. ALLAH SWT does not need anyone, does not need anyone’s knowledge, ALLAH SWT does not need anyone’s sacrifice, does not need anyone’s fame. ALLAH SWT with His power will carry out this work.

In just a few minutes, ALLAH SWT can choose who can do the work and in a few minutes, ALLAH SWT can erase whoever ALLAH SWT does not want. ALLAH SWT does everything. In every era, this happens. The truth remains true. At all times ALLAH SWT will win over those who are true. ALLAH SWT will eliminate the falsehood. ALLAH SWT will eliminate the winds of falsehood. Until whenever falsehood will not win when opposed to the truth.

Today we think with media tools religion can spread. False things are not to spread religion but to eliminate religion. May ALLAH SWT protect us. ALLAH SWT has determined that religion spreads in the way of Prophet SAW and the Sahaba. ALLAH SWT spreads religion with struggle and sacrifice.

Then, Prophet SAW consulted with Jibreel AS. Jibreel AS signalled for Prophet SAW to humble (lower himself). Prophet SAW understood. Prophet SAW said he did not want prophethood with power and wealth but Prophet SAW wanted prophethood and poverty, prophethood and servitude, once getting food and being grateful to ALLAH SWT, once not getting food and being patient.

Today the effort comes in a dangerous situation. Because now is the time of acceptance, people welcome. When making an effort in a difficult situation, struggle, or sacrifice, people do not even accept, that there is no finance, and then qualities will be formed. In the time of acceptance, people like this effort and they will pile their wealth but the person who makes an effort misunderstands, he thinks people welcome/accept him. Not! People do not welcome him, but people welcome the religious effort, he has been deceived.

If we separate ourselves from the effort, then we have nothing at all. This effort is what has placed us in a certain position. Because of this effort, then ALLAH SWT has given the love of people to us, people honour us, and people are willing to give their lives for us. This is all because of the religious effort. When we leave this effort, no one even wants to greet us. Therefore, we must always be with this effort. Do not tie ourselves to someone. We tie ourselves to the effort.

On the day of the death of Prophet SAW, Abu Bakar RA said: “Whoever works/strives for Muhammad SAW, then remember that Muhammad SAW has passed away. Those who work for ALLAH SWT, then ALLAH SWT is Ever-Living, ALLAH SWT Stands by Himself, ALLAH SWT does not die, ALLAH SWT gives death and life”.

This effort is true. The effort that ALLAH SWT has granted to this ummah. Every individual of the ummah must do it. Not for a specific group. Not for people from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the US, the UK, Africa, Europe, Makkah, or Madinah. Rather, this effort is for every individual of the ummah until the day of judgment. Those who do this effort correctly, ALLAH SWT will preserve and advance them in the effort. We must make this work our work.

Where the effort begins, there is its Markaz. The global Markaz is Nizamuddin. Other Markazes around the world are its children. Just like the Kaaba, all mosques are children of the Kaaba. Wherever it is, the mosque will face towards the qibla/Kaaba. In terms of religious work, all matters refer to Nizamuddin, anything asks Nizamuddin and obeys (the decision of) Nizamuddin. When obedient, all Markazs around the world will achieve unity. We are one branch/from Nizamuddin. Do not think we are foreign to Nizamuddin. We must consider ourselves as workers from Banglawali Mosque. We are workers/assistants. If we understand this, then we will remain in this effort. ALLAH SWT will take the service of religion from us. ALLAH SWT will preserve us in the effort. ALLAH SWT will give us the reality of the effort. ALLAH SWT will solve our small/big problems.

After Maulana Ilyas, Maulana Yusuf took responsibility. He became Ameer at the age of 29. Great scholars at that time agreed and appointed Maulana Yusuf RAH as Ameer. Even though at that time there were scholars who were greater and higher in their positions. A big name, for example, Maulana Ehtishamul Hasan RAH, maternal uncle of the family of Maulana Ilyas RAH.

He arranged our study curriculum. He did not stay in Nizamuddin. He did other work. However, the effort continued to run in Nizamuddin even though religious workers changed. Do not think, that when religious workers change, the work ends. No! ALLAH SWT chooses those who make the effort. Therefore, we must connect ourselves with the effort.

Alhamdulillah, the whole world has come to Markaz Nizamuddin. Most people from Malaysia and Indonesia are in Nizamuddin at all times. ALLAH SWT bless their age, and may ALLAH SWT keep them in the effort. From foreign countries, the first ones to give time to this effort, the first ones to embrace this effort, who became evidence in this effort, who gave their time with Maulana Ilyas RAH, Maulana ‘Ubaidullah RAH, they are the students of the previous madrasah, they are people from Malaysia and Indonesia. You gentlemen are very fortunate. Allah has involved your descendants in this effort. Because of the sacrifices of your grandparents in the past, this effort has advanced.

At one time, there was no madrasah in Malaysia. No hafiz quran. In 1982, Hadratji Maulana Inamul Hasan RAH opened the first madrasah in Kubang Bujuk, Terengganu. After 20 – 30 years, hundreds of huffazh quran. Even girls have become hundreds of hafizhah. Let’s think. What blessing is this? This is the blessing of the religious effort. If we are far from the religious effort, what will happen? If we leave the Markaz what will happen to us? How do we get guidance? What does the ummah get? By Allah, all this is because of the blessing of the religious effort. We have to decide to continue to do this effort until death. We have no disagreements. Whatever our elders in Nizamuddin say, we obey.

After Maulana Yusuf RAH passed away, the problem arose of who would become Ameer. There were great scholars and preachers. Maulana ‘Ubaidullah RAH, Maulana Sayyid Ahmad Khan RAH, Mufti Zainal Abidin RAH, and others. They made Mashwara and gave various suggestions. Most opined to appoint Maulana Harun RAH as Ameer, the son of Maulana Yusuf RAH, father to Maulana Saad. Maulana Zakaria RAH is the patron of this effort, all who do religious efforts obey him.

With instructions from Maulana Ilyas RAH, he wrote the books Virtues of Actions, Virtues of Charity, Virtues of Hajj, and Virtues of Trade, and thousands of books were written in Urdu and Arabic. He appointed Maulana Inamul Hasan RAH as Ameer. But when people in their hearts have thievery, disagree with the decision, left the Markaz. I see with my own eyes the condition of them after leaving the effort. What is their position after leaving this effort? Zero. Therefore, we must make ourselves for this work.

This is called sincerity. Even though we are offered great things and great positions, we do not want all that. Until death, we will do this effort. May Allah give us steadfastness in this effort.

The speeches of Maulana Yusuf RAH were very powerful. Many people fainted when they heard his speech. Some were ready to give their entire lives when they heard his speech. Until some tore their clothes and ran to the forest when they heard his speech. It is said that after Sheikh ‘Abdul Qadir al Jilani, the person who gave a powerful speech about Tawhid was Maulana Yusuf RAH. When tashkil, everyone stood ready to go out. ALLAH SWT made Ameer after him, Maulana Inamul Hasan RAH, who was not at all good at speaking. Until he died, he never spoke for more than 5 minutes. ALLAH SWT wants to tell, O people who do religious work, this work runs not because of the speech of Maulana Yusuf. In fact, in the era of Maulana Inamul Hasan, the effort has spread widely 10-20 times. This effort has reached the whole world.

When Hadratji Maulana Inamul Hasan was sick, he revived the sunnah of Sayyidina Umar RA. In the era of Sayyidina Umar RA, when he was about to die, he did not appoint a caliph specifically. After the Messenger of ALLAH SAW, the most worthy was Sayyidina Abu Bakar RA. In the era of Abu Bakar RA, he specifically mentioned the name of Umar as the successor. Sayyidina Umar RA on the other hand chose 6 people. They made Mashwara in a closed room and chose one person to become Ameer. To move the effort does not need a Mashwara by itself, but an Ameer must be appointed. The effort runs with Mashwara. Mashwara is only to help Ameer, not to move the effort.

Therefore, Hadratji Maulana Inamul Hassan appointed 10 people Shura (Ahlul Hal wal ‘Aqad) to appoint Ameer. After Hadratji RAH passed away, all the responsible people from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh were in Nizamuddin. They made Mashwara in a closed room for 3 days. Most opined to appoint Maulana Saad as Ameer. Some suggested Maulana Zubair should be Ameer. Some from Delhi opined Maulana Izhar should be Ameer. Only these 3 names were suggested to be Ameer out of 10 people in the room. But still could not decide who should be Ameer. They look at the benefits. So that there is no fight, arise slander and turmoil. Do not let this work become like other movements.

The decider of the Mashwara is Miyanji Mehrab. After 3 days, he announced to the assembly. Among the 10 people, only 3 were appointed as Decision makers (Faisala) namely Maulana Zubairul Hasan, Maulana Izharul Hasan, and Maulana Saad. In a short time, one by one passed away. Then left Maulana Saad and Maulana Zubair. The two of them make decisions in whatever matter. We people of Nizamuddin sit in Mashwara every day, but we never know who decided against them. After asking for views/suggestions, only the clerk knows who made the decision. The work runs well. No disagreements. The original Syura still alive is Bhai Abdul Wahab in Raiwind, Pakistan.

At that time, Maulana Saad began to arrange Muntakhab Ahadith. Bhai Abdul Wahhab and Maulana Zubair RAH did not forbid. With Mashwara, the book will be printed in Pakistan and read collectively. But, when about to print, Bhai Abdul Wahhab asked for his Mukashafaf to be collected and printed together in the book.

But Mufti Zainal Abidin disagreed and did not allow it because it is only a hadith book, and cannot be mixed with other stories. Bhai Abdul Wahhab was not pleased. He did not read the book collectively. This book has been given to people from other efforts who oppose this effort. After they read, they said this book should be read collectively.

This book is not written by Maulana Saad but written by Maulana Yusuf RAH. It contains Quran verses and hadiths that can be used. Arabs also use the book.

Maulana Yusuf RAH passed away and did not manage to print the book. The book collection of Maulana Yusuf RAH was kept by Maulana Inamul Hassan RAH. After that, the book collection was given to Maulana Saad to be kept before he passed away. Maulana Saad became the owner. He sat there and studied the books in it. Among many books, he found the book Muntakhab Ahadith. The book was worn out. He brought the book to the Markaz Raiwind and made Mashwara there. 3-4 scholars decided to look at the book. Then it was printed and sold at the Ijtema Raiwind. All sold out. Not a single one left.

Then after a few years, Maulana Saad encouraged so that it was read together with the book Fadhail Amaal and Fadhail Sadaqaat. Before the Muzakarah of 6 Sifat, read Muntakhab Ahadith so that when conveying 6 points use the Quran verses and Hadiths in Muntakhab Ahadith. It is allowed to be read collectively.

When Maulana Zubair was alive, there was already an effort to populate the mosque and 5 Amaals at home. Maulana Zubair did not deny. After Maulana Zubair passed away, some people were busy asking to make a Shura. As how Bhai Abdul Wahhab disagreed with the book Muntakhab Hadith, similarly, Maulana Saad did not sign the appointment paper of Alami Shura. There is no newly formed Alami Shura.

In Raiwind there is its own Shura, in Bangladesh, there is its own Shura, and in Nizamuddin, there is its own Shura. After being appointed, a trust was sent to Raiwind and Bangladesh. 9 Shura in Nizamuddin among them are Maulana Ahmad Laat, Maulana Yaakob, Meiji Azmat, Maulana Yusuf (son of Maulana Saad), Maulana Zuhair (son of Maulana Zubair), including Maulana Saad. A Shura is already there.

Why form Alami Shura again? When there is a problem, they sit and make Mashwara. When there is a problem, Maulana Saad and Bhai Abdul Wahhab will sit and discuss it. When one dies, one will become the Alami Ameer. This is called Mashwara. In terms of Sharia, this is the way.

May Allah protect us. Let’s not busy ourselves with fitnah matters. Let’s be sincere people. What have we done for this work? Let’s busy ourselves with the effort. ALLAH SWT will solve the problem.

Today we do not do the Work. We just look at people, look at the internet/WhatsApp, and we ruin ourselves and our families. Let’s not ruin this effort. Let’s be steadfast in this effort. For all matters, we refer to Nizamuddin. Every time there is a Mashwara in Nizamuddin, one copy is sent to Raiwind, and one copy is sent to Kakrail, Bangladesh.

Maulana Yusuf said you need to come to Nizamuddin repeatedly. Then you will speak what we speak. But if you don’t come, you will speak what you want to say. Therefore, it is necessary to go to Nizamuddin regularly for 2 months. Alhamdulillah, responsible people from all over the world have come to Nizamuddin. At all times, 70-80 countries are in Nizamuddin. Go and see for yourself what is in Nizamuddin. Don’t listen to people. All doubts will disappear. The ‘Alami Markaz is Nizamuddin. We will follow their teachings. ALLAH SWT will give unity. ALLAH SWT will open the reality of the work to us.

Bhai ‘Abdul Wahhab also every day tells people to go to Nizamuddin, go to Delhi, go to Mewat, go to Guava. Go out there. Anywhere we can do work but the vision/wisdom of work is in 4 places. Guava is the meeting place of 2 rivers (Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, Merab, Sheikh). Mewat is the place where Maulana Ilyas RAH made an effort. Go to those places and see the people there doing work. Allah SWT will open the reality of the work. All ready?

4 Month Jamaats for Far Countries and 2 Month Masturat Jamaat for Far Countries need to get approval & route from Nizamuddin. Every 2 years we have a Mashwara in Nizamuddin and the following year people from Nizamuddin will come to make a Jor at our place. There is no change in the order.

Those who think there is a change, that is their misunderstanding. When returning to the mahallah, all the orders told to us we do as usual. Revive 5 Masjid Amaal and the practice of populating the mosque. Revive 5 Amaals at home so that there is a connection between the mosque and our house. Many virtues. May Allah accept.

[End of Speech]

Maulana Shamim tells his followers to sabotage those who do not obey Nizamuddin

The 2016 Bayan (mentioned previously) seems well-engineered. However, In 2017 in Sri Petaling Markaz, Malaysia, Maulana Shamim gave a “different” kind of speech.

[Start of Speech excerpt]

Listen to what I have to say here! Those who do not obey Nizamuddin, even if they are from the Shura, do not give them any positions, do not allow them to deliver Bayans and block them.

And to anyone, do not give them any tasks and do not use them (for Dawah efforts). Do not associate with them.

If they come by themselves, they are not invited. If they want to repent and apologize, tell them, first they have to go to Nizamuddin. There they have to apologize and repent. Go there and repent, then only they can be with us.

[End of Speech]

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