3 Reasons Why Maulana Saad Fitna is not a ‘Difference of Opinion’

People who do not understand the Tablighi Jamaat Split seem to think that the split is merely a ‘difference of opinion’. Because they see good people following Maulana Saad, they assume that it must be Okay to follow him. This is far from the truth. Here we present 3 reasons why Maulana Saad is a Fitna.

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#1 Many Fatwas have been issued on Maulana Saad

In Islam, there is a concept of Ijma’ of Ulema which means the consensus of the Scholars. Ijma’ is one of the four sources of our religion (Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qiyaas).

Many Fatwas have been issued regarding Maulana Saad’s Aqeedah being out of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah. These fatwas are from prestigious institutions such as DU (Darul Uloom) Deoband, DU Saharanpur, DU Mahmudiyyah (S Africa), Wifaaqul Ulama Al-Hind, Majlisul Ulama Andhra Pradesh, DU Hyderabad and many more. Each institution represents thousands of Ulemas.

Maulana Saad followers claim that they too have Ulema supporting them, but it is not the Ijma.

They also claim that the majority of the Ulemas in India are with Maulana Saad. This is true in the early stages of the Ikhtilaaf but they fail to mention that thousands of Ulema have left Maulana Saad after being clarified on the matter. The Ulemas that originally supported Maulana Saad were not fully informed about his Fitna in the first place.

#2 The Maulana Saad Fitna is based on many claims without evidence!

One of the hallmarks of a Fitna is that they are based on lies aka claims without evidence. Why did people support false prophets like Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyan or even Christianity? They do not have any evidence rather than blindly believe what others say.

Maulana Saad’s followers’ logic is simple => He is the rightful Ameer, therefore we must obey him no matter what!

The thing is, the way they arrive at this conclusion is unfounded. They claim that the previous Ameer (Maulana Inaamul Hassan) wanted a new Ameer to be selected from the Shura. They also claim that a 1995 signed agreement was a Raiwind (Pakistan) conspiracy to take control of the organization. All these are baseless with no evidence provided.

Since they have decided to support him no matter what, they have made many other baseless accusations about the Darul Ulooms:

  • They claim that Darul Uloom Deoband is corrupted. They were paid to issue the fatwa.
  • They claim that Darul Uloom Deoband issued the fatwa without proper research.
  • They claim that all the other institutions (we have collected 30+ on this site) are ALL Invalid, as they did not do any research but parroted Darul Uloom Deobands Fatwa. This is the height of absurdity!

All these claims have ZERO evidence. They are the unfortunate result of blind fanatic followers.

#3 Maulana Saad Fitna is the cause of the Tablighi Jamaat Split!

This can’t get any clearer. Tablighi Jamaat is the largest Islamic movement in the world. With 100 million followers worldwide, they have been at the forefront of the revival of Deen worldwide since post-World War 2. Any damage to the movement is damage to the Ummah.

M Saad started showing his true colours after the demise of Maulana Zubayr in 2014. First, he violated the 1995 agreement by declaring himself Ameer and started Bay’ah (Pledge of Allegiance Ceremony). The elders of Tabligh took a period of 2 years to advise him through private ta;ks and letters.

However, on Ramadhan 2016, the unexpected happened. M Saad orchestrated the first even bloodshed in Nizamuddin Markaz. He employed a group of gangsters to assault and beat up anyone not in line with him. We have written a detailed article on the event including 8 proofs and testimonies that M Saad was the mastermind.

This incident sealed all hopes of negotiation as the elders could not imagine Maulana Saad would stoop to such a level. The sanctity of the Markaz and the house of Allah was defiled. Most elders immediately left the next day.

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It was only after this incident that our elders started to give many testimonies on what really happened in Nizamuddin.

Maulana Saad’s violent assault in Ramadhan 2016 which sealed all hopes of negotiation.

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