If Maulana Saad is wrong, how come Aalims and pious people support him?

We have established the fact that Maulana Saad was responsible for one of the biggest fitnah of the 21 century i.e. violating the 1995 signed agreement without any valid reason or Mashwara and thus causing a divide in the largest and most influential Islamic movement of the world. His motivation was pure greed and ambition to be the Ameer of the Ummah.

Question: If Maulana Saad is wrong, why are there Aalims and pious people supporting him?

Deviant Islamic groups had Aalims as well

Did you know that the Ahmadiyya or Qadiani sect in the early days had many supporters who were ‘Darul Uloom’ level Aalims as well? As a matter of fact, Ahmadiyya’s second Khalifa (after Mirza Ghulam) was Maulana Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood. Maulana Basheer was highly spoken of by Darul Ulooms (even Deoband) back then.

Since Qadyanis have Aalims, does that mean they are right?

The question in the topic is actually a blind assumption that just because a group has an Aalim or Pious person therefore the entire group is right. What is right is not numbers, but the cult’s beliefs.

Most people don’t have a clue about the Ikhtilaaf

Most pious people have no clue about the ikhtilaaf nor have they studied the matter thoroughly. They joined Maulana Saad’s Cult due to a myriad of reasons, typically due to friends or families.

Some have been fed lies and false derivations of the Hadith/Seerah

Some of Maulana Saad Cult followers are so adamant that he is right due to having been told lies. One of the most widely spread lies is regarding how Maulana Saad was the rightful Amir.

Hadith and rhetorics are used as well. The Hadith “If there is no Amir, Shaitan is the Amir” has been misinterpreted by Maulana Saad’s Cult. Some of them would also quote the stories of the Sahaba to fit their narrative.

The problem is, these are THEIR interpretations and not the interpretations of the mainstream Ulema. It is no different from a deviant group using false derivations of the Quran and Sunnah to justify their perverse ideology.

An Aalim who does not know about the ikhtilaaf is not an ‘Aalim’ in the subject matter. He is following Maulana Saad out of ignorance.

An Aalim is a person of knowledge who knows certain aspects of Deen, such as a Fuqaha (expert in Islamic Jurisprudence), Muhaditheen (expert in Hadith), and Mufasireen (expert in Tafsir of the Quran).

An Aalim who does not know the issues surrounding the ikhtilaaf is therefore not an ‘Aalim’ in the subject matter. If he is following Maulana Saad, he is NOT following due to established knowledge or sound reasoning. It is usually found that they are following Maulana Saad due to friends and family.

Always remember, the Ijma of Ulema disagrees with Maulana Saad.

The truth is, a considerable ‘Ijma’ (Consensus) of Ulema disagrees with Maulana Saad. This is a fact. The majority of Ulema that has studied this Ikhtilaaf will know for a fact that Maulana Saad is at fault. Even if Maulana Saad’s followers claim they have Aalims, it is but a small fraction.

We have established the Darul Uloom Deoband’s Fatwa and many others as well.

As for this pious, how do you know he is pious? Did he tell you?

Some people decided to follow Maulana Saad because they know a pious person who is following Maulana Saad too.

Question: How do you know he is pious?

If he told you he is pious, by claiming he did such and such Amaal, then, where is his Ikhlas? The thing to point out here is that it is common for us to establish piety in a person by after hearing what they claim. But tne begs to question, why are they not keeping their Amaal (deeds) hidden?

Is he more pious than Hj Abdul Wahab, Maulana Ibrahim, or the Elders?

Only Allah SWT knows who are his most beloved slaves. If we were to measure sacrifice, any follower of Maulana Saad, OR even Maulana Saad himself, can no wat match the level of sacrifice and knowledge of Da’wa of Hj Abdul Wahab Sab of Pakistan, Maulana Ibrahim, or the Aalmi Shura elders.

Hj Abdul Wahab Sab (the most senior member of the Aalmi Shura who recently passed away), was one of the earliest workers of Tabligh and was with Maulana Ilyas for 6 months. He was born in 1922, joined the effort in 1944 (age 22), and been doing the work for 74 years before he passed away in 2018. He left his job to devote his time and effort to Tabligh, and he was one of the first five people in Pakistan who offered their entire life for doing the Work.

Now compare that with Maulana Saad who Hj Abdul Wahab has said:

People that are in Nizamuddin must do istighfar and make taubah. Don’t go to Nizamuddin. Nizamuddin Markaz is not the same as it was before. Nizamuddin is controlled by people that have not gone out in the Path of Allah. Maulana Saad himself has not spent even 40 days in Jamaat.

Bhai Wahab (11/11/2017 Raiwind Ijterma Pakistan)

And how about Maulana Yaqub? Maulana Yaqub has been in the effort for more than 50 years. He was the teacher of not only Maulana Saad but the father of Maulana Saad (Maulana Harun) as well.

This is a test of pride for the followers of Maulana Saad

To Maulana Saad’s Cult followers, you have been regarded as the most respected and pious among the Tablighi workers.

You know that Maulana Saad is wrong! Fatwas have been given, the Ijma of Ulama has been established, Maulana Saad has been caught as a fraud and he is the cause of the split due to violating the 1995 agreement!

You were quick to jump ships through your Josht (enthusiasm) without knowing the reality. You spent money and time to establish Maulana Saad’s cult. You have heavily invested in him.

Now that you know the reality, are you able to lower yourself down and admit that you are wrong? or is it just too hard on pride? This is a test for you.

It is narrated on the authority of Abdullah that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

He who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride shall not enter Paradise.

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